Yemen is a country in Western Asia with a population of 24 million people and a life expectancy at birth of 63 years (males) and 66 years (females). Yemen’s Ministry of Health published a National Health Strategy 2010-2025, but the advent of war in the country has prevent the strategy’s operationalization. A major priority is the development of a Health Financing Strategy to feed into the National Health Strategy and the next 5 Year Operation Plan. The Health Financing Strategy will be preceded by an in-depth analysis of the current health financing situation, as well as a clear understanding of the process of drafting this strategy (including participatory elements and consultation rounds and formats). You can access important country documents by clicking here.

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Technical Support to MoPHP to develop Health Sector Situation Analysis, Strategy and Plan Strengthening health governance and the implementation and monitoring of Universal Health Coverage. Support national institutions (MOPHP, YHMSC, National School of Public Health, National Observatory for Human Development, etc) to coordinate and perform research and analysis on equity in access, financial risk protection. Support the compiling the Health institutions, laws and regulation and the identification of needed laws and regulation. Technical assistance for integration of SDG-3+ into the MoPHP policy and plans Technical support to develop a country plan to accelerate action on the healthy lives and Well-being related SDGs TA to develop/review health financing strategy and advocate for financial protection and the path to UHC and SDGs Support the country to develop a plan for tracking and monitor progress towards SDGs with a focal to SDG3 and other health related SDG targets (i.e. % of SDG targets on track within SDG 3 plus) Development and update of Health Human Resource Strategy 70% of it being achieved. Ongoing

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