Solomon Islands
Solomon Islands

The Solomon Islands consist of six islands and over 900 atolls in Oceania. The population of 623 000 people has a life expectancy of 70 years (men) and 73 years (women). The health system faces an epidemiological transition, declining external funding, geographic challenges in health service delivery and the effects of climate change. The National Development Plan 2011-20202 seeks access to quality health care for all. To this end, the National Health Strategic Plan 2016–2020 highlights four key result areas including universal health coverage (UHC) and identifies six priority interventions driven by the Role Delineation Policy (RDP). The RDP determines the scope of the health workforce, resources and services required for the effective functioning of health facilities in order to achieve UHC. The Solomon Islands joined the UHC Partnership (UHC-P) in 2018, which concentrates on providing technical support in strengthening health governance and health service delivery during 2019. UHC-P activities involve the creation of a mechanism for change management in health as well as support of the implementation of the RDP. You can access country documents by clicking here.

Technical Areas


Product/Service Deliverables Status
Create a mechanism or body for change management in health Change management in health mechanism/body in MHMS CreatedProvincial change management initiatives undertaken in 3 provinces Completed
Establish a monitoring and evaluation framework for RDP implementation inclusive of necessary governance and financing changes necessary to make and roll out its implementation Draft M & E Framework for RDP Implementation developed. Preliminary baseline data collection mechanism being established Completed
Create an evidence base from experiences of phase 1 roll out for further refining of RDP implementation plan for national roll out Evidence base for further refinement of RDP implementation plan established Completed


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