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Technical Areas


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Product/Service Deliverables Status
Lesotho Out of pocket health expenditure assessmented conducted and report disseminated Out of pocket health expenditure assessmented conducted and report disseminated<br /> Ongoing
Lesotho WHO leadership in strengthening collaboration in support of national efforts to accelerate progress toward the health related SDGs Regular engagement with state and non-state actors and UN agencies to accelerate progress towards health related SDGs<br /> Ongoing
Lesotho CRVS systems strengthened Revise and update tools used for notification and reporting on vital events (births and deaths)(certificates and disease classification<br /> Ongoing
Lesotho Essential service package updated to take into account the life course Orient district teams on EHSP<br /> Ongoing
Lesotho National Health Observatory functional Train stakeholders on national health observatory<br /> Ongoing
Lesotho Updated and endorsed HRH strategy in place Updated and endorsed HRH strategy in place<br /> Ongoing
Lesotho Medicine regulation and surveillance strengthened Develop training package for Pharmaco vigilance committees<br /> Ongoing
Lesotho Anti microbial resistance surveillance strengthened Anti-microbial resistance surveillance strengthened<br /> Ongoing
Lesotho National Health Accounts institutionalised National Health Accounts institutionalised<br /> Ongoing
Lesotho Operational tools for regulation of medicines and medical devices developed and operational Provide technical support in developing operational tools<br /> Ongoing
Lesotho Evidence on health service availability and access available Conduct SARA<br /> Ongoing