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Whether on the field or off the field, everyone has the right to get the support they need to stay healthy. WHO Ambassador for Sport and Health, football legend Didier Drogba is calling for #HealthForAll. Learn more:


Over half a billion dollars in donor contributions

We invest in health for all. The UHC Partnership is one of WHO’s largest initiatives on international cooperation for universal health coverage and primary health care. For over a decade, it has served as a platform for donors to work together in transforming global commitments to tangible results in countries.  (*funding up to 2025)


130+ policy advisers on the ground

We work to strengthen health systems across the world. Our health policy advisers play a crucial role in bringing WHO’s technical expertise in fostering policy dialogue, national health planning, health security, addressing noncommunicable diseases and more. We provide funding for catalytic projects and engage partners to enable effective development cooperation. 


115+ countries representing over 3 billion people

We bring health services closer to communities. The UHC Partnership is part of WHO’s Special Programme on Primary Health Care, which promotes a whole-of-society approach in addressing health priorities and empowering people to take part in making decisions that affect their health and well-being.



The stability and prosperity of nations depend greatly on the investments we make in fulfulling the fundamental human right to health. Major global accords have been made, promising a future where everyone, regardless of age, gender, race, religion or wealth, will have the means to attain the highest possible standard of health. It is the UHC Partnership's mission to translate these global commitments into action at country level.
These stories from the field capture the journey of countries towards universal health coverage.



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