Technical Areas


Product/Service Deliverables Status
Country support to address health workforce challenges 1. Capacity building on health workforce strengthening and planning 2. High level policy dialogue on importance of a strengthening the health workforce, including a national health workforce action plan, in line with the new health reforms3. Roadmap for drafting a national health workforce action plan for 2020 - 2030 Completed
Technical support and capacity building to MOH and SAMHI for the benefit package design to ensure access to quality primary healthcare services 1. Technical assistance to implementation plans to roll out MHI in 2019;2. Technical assistance to strategic purchasing and review of the basic benefits package;3. Capacity building to improve skills and knowledge of MOH and SAMHI staff on health financing;4. Joint mission with key partners engaged in health financing and policy dialogue event. Completed
Provide technical support to MOH and SAMHI to improve the quality of health service delivery, with specific emphasis on strengthening people-centered and integrated primary healthcare towards UHC and SDGs 1. Assessment of the performance of the current PHC system;2. Technical assistance to developing a Primary Health Care Strengthening Strategy; 3. Study visits of national counterparts on service delivery, its governance, accountability and coordination of care.4. Policy dialogue event around key issues of the primary care strategy; Completed
Strengthening management of quality of care systems 1. Assessment of accreditation standards for health care providers is conducted.2. Technical assistance to revising accreditation standards.3. Capacity building of key stakeholders in quality of care management is provided through workshops, seminars and study visits. Completed
Comprehensive policy guidance on health financing aligned with service delivery under UHC-P project and BAR course for capacity building Completed
Country enabled to provide quality rehabilitation services and access to assistive products to all people in need Support development of priority assistive product list for Azerbaijan Completed
PHC Strengthening Support the rolling out of the mandatory health insurance Completed
Health service delivery optimization PHC-centered and linked to HRH planning and health financing reform (Original) Increase of PHC capacity by ensuring that a broader set of essential evidence-based, cost-effective services, better tailored to address current burden of disease, is available at the PHC level Revised for COVID Response Technical support to the country on COVID-19 response at various levels of health care service Completed
Strengthening chronic disease management and population risk assessment approaches with provider's networks development Support WHO PEN national scale-up and HSS research Completed
Health financing strategy and health insurance implementation Establishment of health financing governance system, support legislation and strategic purchasing pilot Cancelled


Product/Service Deliverables Status
Countries enabled to strengthen their health systems to deliver on condition and disease-specific service coverage results Technical assistance to National Authorities on implementing NCD best buys at Local and countrylevel Ongoing
Countries enabled to strengthen their health systems to address population specific health needs and barriers to equity across the life course Technical support to National Health Authorities on revision of the health system: Road map preparation Ongoing
Countries health governance capacity strengthened for improved transparency, accountability, responsiveness and empowerment of communities A Policy Dialoque and a Road Map preparation with National and local Health Authorities On track
Countries enabled to strengthen their health and care workforce System Map and HRH assessment Report Mission, Technical Asistance to National Authorities on HRH policy development, Technical support to National Health Training Instituons on modernizing educational approach and the programs at pre-sevice and in-service levels (PHC, IPC, Emergency, Teacher Training), Capacity Building activites in priority topics (Teacher Development Programs for National Institutions and Study visits, Feloowship programs) On track
Countries enabled to improve institutional capacity for transparent decision making in priority setting and resource allocation, and analysis of the impact of health in the national economy Technical support to National Health Authorities on revision of the health system: Road map preparation On track
Provision of authoritative guidance and standards on quality, safety, and efficacy of health products, essential medicines, and diagnostics lists WHO EURO Mission on Medical Supplies Procurement, Follow-up mission recommendation in close collaboration with National Authorities Ongoing
Countries enabled to provide high-quality, people-centred health services, based on primary health care strategies and comprehensive essential service packages Implementation of PHC Demonstration Project in Rural Settings, - Building local capacities (Infrastructure, Service model, HRH) for sustainablity of the PHC model in use - Roll-out of PHC Demonstration Project to Subnational Level (6 regions), - Technical and Policy Support Mission by WHO GDO on PHC, -Follow up mission recomendation in close collaboration with National Authorities On track


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