Belize, located on the eastern coast of Central America, has a population of 387,879 million people with a life expectancy of 68 years for men and 73 years for women. Belize recognises universal access to affordable and high-quality healthcare in its National Development Framework 2010-2030. The National Health Sector Strategic Plan 2014-2024 sets out a health strategy to achieve universal health coverage and accountability for the delivery of health services. Better health outcomes are sought through a primary healthcare-based health system whereby services are organized and managed through integrated health service delivery networks (IHSDNs). Other initiatives include the implementation of a national health insurance program and a health information system. To accelerate Belize’s health priorities, the country joined the 2017-2020 UN Multi-Country Sustainable Development Framework for the Caribbean and—since 2018—the UHC Partnership. Initiatives in 2019 support the IHSDNs and the redefinition of health financing mechanisms to ensure equitable access to health services. Activities around legal and regulatory frameworks for medicines address governance challenges, whereas Human Resources for health management seeks to expand health service delivery and health benefits. You can access important country documents by clicking here.

Technical Areas


Product/Service Deliverables Status
Apply the Universal Health monitoring framework to define baseline and targets. Completed
Support the development of national human resources plan to expand health service delivery and health bene Situation analysis on human resources for health completed; National HRH Strategic Plan printed and launched (Completed) Completed
Support the strengthening of legal and regulatory frameworks for medicines and other health technologies Institutional development plan for national regulatory system developed with focus on the creation of national office for medical products within the MOH. Progress update: institutional development plan started and ongoing. Completed
Support the improve availability of quality medicines at the point of care Completed
Support the redefinition of the health financing mechanism and national dialogue to include the expanded roll-out of the National Health Insurance system to ensure equitable access to health services across Belize. Fiscal Space Study report developed and discussed with national authorities. Progress update - will be ready mid-December Completed
Support the development of a national information system for HR for health aligned to the WHO’s National Accounts A national action plan for HRH following the 3 strategic lines defined by the PAHO’s plan of action drafted Completed
Situation assessment for cancer prevention and control for the development of a national comprehensive cancer plan A Situation Analysis of cancer prevention and control initiatives towards developing a cancer plan to strengthen the cancer care system conducted (Completed) Completed
Support the conduct of the rapid assessment of radiological health services (including human resources, availability of quality control and quality assurance programs, radiation safety aspects, existing protocols, guidelines and policies on radiology services, and status of the technology) as well as, the conduct of a radiation safety workshop. A proposed set of recommendations on strengthening of the radiological services in the country presented to national authorities and capacity on radiation safety strengthened (Completed) Completed
Support the development of payment mechanism system to support integrated health service delivery networks (IHSDN) and promote efficiency in the health system. Payment mechanism system to support IHSDN developed. Progress update: will start in January. Completed


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