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Technical Areas


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Product/Service Deliverables Status
Grenada Implementation of HRH plan of action in Caribbean countries according to the needs of the programs for each type of health professional HRH Unit developed and HRH plan of action implemented<br /> Not started
Grenada Strengthening MOH capacities for the implementation of essential public health functions EPHF assessment conducted and Health System governance framework developed and implemented<br /> Not started
Grenada Implementation of the Monitoring Framework for Universal Health given priority to the generation and analysis of NMH related indicators IS4H policy framework for generation and analysis of NMH indicators developed and implemented<br /> Not started
Grenada Support the organization of mass media campaigns and behavior change campaigns Mass media campaign developed to support the implementation of the Smoke Free Legislation and the Child Nutrition Policies<br /> Not started
Grenada Strengthen capacity for NCD and risk factor surveillance Risk factor survey implemented and data used for programme strengthening and policy decisions<br /> Not started