Technical Areas


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Product/Service Deliverables Status
Strengthening MOH capacities for the implementation of essential public health functions Strengthen capacity of MOH for stewardship, governance, and transformation of processes and integrating responses to addresses NCDS and other health conditions. Prioritizing interventions to address areas with low performance. Not started
Strengthening resolution capacity of the service delivery network, with priority focus on first level of care to respond to priority NCDs, Mental Health and other conditions. Plan of Action to update models of care and disease management protocols (BHS.620) (policy, planning and legislative review for reducing risk factors with emphasis on childhood obesity) (BHS.4180,BHS.4182) Ongoing
Implementation of the Monitoring Framework for Universal Health, given priority to the generation and analysis of NMH related indicators. Development of UHC monitoring framework with appropriate NCD indicators routine survey (BHS.4163) and reporting for surveillance (BHS.4205) (e.g. Amenable hospitalisation) Ongoing
Support to organization of mass media campaigns and behavior change campaigns (tobacco, reduce stigma and discrimination in mental health, on rights of people in accessing care) Mass media campaign materials developed and launched Ongoing


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