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Technical Areas


Product/Service Deliverables Status
Uzbekistan Technical assistance to the national working group to the finalization of the health financing concept and feasibility study for introduction of mandatory health insurance for UHC 1. Finalized health financing concept
2. Finalized feasibility study
3. Policy dialogue events around selected topics including benefit design, strategic purchasing, governance
4. Communications campaign

Uzbekistan Targeted technical assistance to revise governance arrangements for the MOH to engage in strategic planning and the single purchasing agency for strategic purchasing 1. Technical note on governance options and accountability arrangements for MHIF;
2. Technical input into the legislative framework for MHIF
3. Technical note and roundtable discussion on MOH strategic planning function
4. Technical note and roundtable discussion on costs and benefits of PPP
Uzbekistan Provide technical support to MOH to design the pilot of strategic purchasing 1. Concept note and timeline of pilot
2. Implementation arrangements developed
3. Policy dialogue to agree with key stakeholders
Uzbekistan Provide technical support to e health concept from the perspective of health financing objectives evidence informed strategic planning and budget formation strategic purchasing performance evaluation of health care providers 1. Technical workshop on digitalization for health financing (including the implementation of individual patient trackers);
2. Technical document to provide input to the e-health strategy.

Uzbekistan Provide technical support to MOH to assess strengths and weaknesses of primary care and begin the development of a long term strategy for primary health care 1. Comprehensive assessment of the current model of PHC and its performance vis-à-vis NCDs
2. Roadmap for a PHC strengthening concept
3. Technical workshops on envisioned service delivery model for PHC

Uzbekistan Technical assistance to address health workforce challenges with a focus on primary care 1. Comprehensive assessment of health workforce with a focus on primary care
2. Roadmap for drafting a national health workforce plan for 2020 - 2030

Uzbekistan Technical assistance to deploy digital solutions in service delivery for early detection and integrated management of NCDs and other health conditions Assessment report with recommendation and costing of further technical assistance
Uzbekistan Masterplan for health facility reorganization 1. Map of the current health facilities
2. Recommendations for optimization of the current structure to support efficiency gains.
3. Technical consultations with relevant stakeholders.
Uzbekistan Health service delivery optimization PHC centered and linked to HRH planning and health financing reform Health system assessment and piloting new HSD approaches.
HSS/PHC policy and long-term vision development.

Uzbekistan Health financing strategy and health insurance implementation Establishment of sustainable system of health accounts to inform policy development on financial protection.
Establishment of health financing governance system, support legislation and strategic purchasing pilot.


Product/Service Deliverables Status
Uzbekistan Health service delivery optimization PHC centered and linked to HRH planning and health financing reform Implementation and scale-up of Syrdarya pilot of PHC reform supported by new health financing models
, Joint WHO CO and SHIF mission to Karakalpakstan on a new project "Laying the foundations for people-centered, climate-resilient PHC and water, sanitation and hygiene practices at healthcare facilities and schools in KK (WHO, UNICEF, UNFPA) - 2023" and progress on the project "Towards universal health coverage and security in Karakalpakstan (UHC+S), 25-26 February 2023., The Launch of UN Joint Programme “Laying the foundations for people-centred, climate-resilient primary health care and water, sanitation and hygiene practices at healthcare facilities and schools in Karakalpakstan” (WHO, UNICEF, UNFPA) - finance by the Multi-partner human security Trust Fund for the Aral Sea region (MPTF), 2 March 2023.

, WHO Joint Primary Health Care and Health Financing Mission to Uzbekistan, March 13-17, 2023 to assess the extent of PHC reform roll out in Tashkent and its alignment with Syrdarya pilot and provide technical assistance to the medical authorities of Tashkent and Karakalpakstan to prepare for the implementation of the health financing reforms., WHO Primary Health Care Mission to Uzbekistan, 25-28 April 2023 to assess preparedness and extent of roll out of PHC reforms in Karakalpakstan and implementation arrangements for the project implementation and provide recommendations., National meeting on the results of surveillance of consumption of antimicrobials and research on the use of antimicrobials in Uzbekistan, 22 June 2023 and National meeting on the implementation of the AWaRe classification with the national working group on national essential medicines, 23 June 2023., WHO Health Workforce mission to Uzbekistan, 6-17 November to identify opportunities and activities related to the health workforce component of the Presidential Decree, the upcoming National Health Strategy, CCS and CAR roadmap, and to align health workforce issues and interventions related to the PHC pilot., WHO Primary Health Care Mission to Uzbekistan, 3-12 December to develop a training package on non-clinical competencies for PHC professionals and managers which will support the scale-up of the Syrdarya PHC model of care pilot project in Karakalpakstan.
On track
Uzbekistan Implementation of integrated care on priority NCDs Development of population health management approaches, including risk stratification and home visits for chronic disease follow-up
, 599 healthcare specialists of PHC level trained in Syrdarya region (4 pilot districts) on NCD prevention and control (with focus on diabetes and CVDs) including PEN and HEARTS protocols (93 family doctors, 506 practical and visiting nurses or 93 multidisciplinary teams in total), Policy dialogue to strengthen mental health in the Central Asian countries was conducted on 25-26 April 2023 in Tashkent with focus on transformation of Mental Health Services; de-institutionalization and community initiatives for mental health care; mental health of adolescents and young people and partnership.; , A New Law on tobacco and alcohol control ("distribution and use of alcohol and tobacco products", # 844) was signed by the President on 24 May 2023. , With the support of GIZ, the Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan, in collaboration with GIZ and WHO Regional Office for Europe have hosted Nursing and Midwifery experts in the Central Asian region, with international Experts to support a 3 day conference (May 30- June 1, 2023) to explore opportunities and developments in the WHO European Region. Total more than 85 participants (offline and online), President's Decree on Mental Health was issued for Uzbekistan on June 19 2023 including an Action Plan. , The National Inter-Sectoral Working Group on Mental health of adolescents and youth established with co-chairing of the Senate and WHO CO to coordinate collaboration projects and partnership., National ToT on NCD prevention and control ("Risk factors and NCDs (CVD, AH and T2DM): quality management of NCD health services at the PHC level"), was conducted on 20-23 June 2023 for representatives of all medical education institutes of the country and Center for nurses training (35 participants).
Uzbekistan Health financing strategies and reform towards UHC Strengthening of strategic purchasing agency (State Health Insurance Fund) to deliver output-based provider payment models and new programme of reimbursement of outpatient medicines
, Participation of Uzbek delegation at 5th Sub-regional European meeting on tracking health spending using SHA 2011 methodology "Improve Health accounts production quality and how can health accounts studies influence policy", 4-6 April 2023 in Istanbul. , Official Visit of the Director of the Division of Country Health Policies and Systems Official Visit on
Primary Health Care and Mental Health to Uzbekistan to support a high-level policy level dialogue to achieve the highest standard of health for all people in Uzbekistan in the frame of its commitment to improving access to quality and evidence-based healthcare services through national level strategies and programmes, 25 April 2023.
, WHO Health Financing expert (Barcelona office) mission to provide technical assistance to the SHIF and the MoH in expanding the SHI system to new regions, including Tashkent City and Republic of Karakalpakstan (5 - 9 June 2023)., Participation of the SHIF representative at the WHO Barcelona Forum on Financial Protection in Europe, 14–15 June 2023 and Financial Protection network meeting, 16 June 2023 Barcelona, Spain.
On track
Uzbekistan Enhancement of the strategy for health information systems with regard to strategic purchasing Development of business processes and interoperable information systems to support the strategic purchasing agency in the implementation of new financing models.
, A joint Health Financing and Health Information System strengthening WHO experts mission to Uzbekistan- Karakalpakstan (June 5-9), to hold a seminar for Health and Finance in health specialists in Nukus. Mr. Mahmud Tohtiev WHO-CO NPO/DDH, provided a presentation on “Information and technical support of reforms: The main functionality of medical information systems in the context of the introduction of state health insurance”. , Meeting and discussions with IT-Med representatives and SHIF developers and agreeing to secure an integration between Medbank and Medical information systems (IT-Med product), which includes attaching people to Family doctors, as well as a form #066. A Technical instruction is drafted.
, Meeting with IT-Med and other national stakeholders and testing the correctness of funding calculations based on the data entered into the information system in Syrdarya piloted province through the system developed by SHIF (Medbank). Calculation errors were identified and sent to developers to make corrections.
On track