Haiti is an island in the Caribbean Sea with a population of about 10.8 million people and a life expectancy of 61 years for men and 66 years for women. The Haitian health system provides formal care for about 47% of the population, but traditional medicine remains first resort to disease. Haiti is prone to natural disasters which overload the health system. To alleviate this burden, the Ministry of Health’s National Health Strategy 2012-2022 is aligned with the National Development Plan guided by the Sustainable Development Goals. This Strategy prioritizes universal health coverage (UHC), setting out to implement UHC provisions and to strengthen the health system. WHO cooperation focuses on UHC by redefining the model of care, strengthening financing functions, ensuring good governance and efficient service delivery of essential drugs. A Haitian health system with the capacity to respond to emergencies and disasters is the priority of the UHC Partnership which currently supports the development of a national plan for health services, preparedness and response in emergency contexts. You can access important country documents by clicking here.

Technical Areas


Product/Service Deliverables Status
Guidance to enhance integration of Health in the development of a National Social Protection Policy PAHO has participated actively in the National Committee for the Development of the Social Protection Policy, assigned by the Committee with co-chairing the Working Group on the axe: “envisaged for the protection of the risks of illness, maternity, occupational accidents and old age”. In addition, support was provided to the initiative to develop knowledge in social protection through implementation of a joint learning program for all partner organizations. Outputs: - PAHO and the Health Sector gained enhanced knowledge in Social Protection Policies - Enhanced collaboration between health and social sector - Progress with positioning Health in the National Social Protection process Completed
National Health Account data collected with WHO tool Files with data on NHA in Haiti List of search results on publications on NHA processes in other low-income and fragile countries Completed
Draft National Therapeutic Formulary NTF drafted by 31 March Completed
Refine the analytical framework developed by PAHO/IADB and WB for assessing health facilities capacity within the context of emergencies. (1)Adapted analytical Framework available for assessing health system resilience in Haiti (75% complete) (2) Infographic: “Why and How to analyze health system resilience in Haiti?” (100% complete) (3)Tool developed and tested for a contrast case study on resilience (100% complete) (4) Scoping study (100% complete) (5)Resilience contrast case study 30% complete) Completed
Assessment of the blood transfusion services in the South department A report available with findings to inform enhancing capacity for access to quality blood products Completed
Assess health system capacity within the context of emergencies in Haiti, including: service delivery network (primary care and hospital); governance and oversight; risk reduction strategies (including surveillance); human resources for health; priorities medicines and other health technologies; and financing, all elements required to develop a resilient health system. A national plan for health for health services/emergency preparedness updated in Haiti Completed
Increase capacity of the supply chain for medicines and other health technologies including access to emergency supplies in Haiti (PROMESS). Master plan for the redesign of the supply chain through PROMESS for medicines and other health technologies in Haiti Completed
Training to enhance capacity of emergency services within the service delivery network First responders training conducted and on the job training of staff of the St. Nicholas hospital (Artibonite dept) Completed
Training of PHC workers to enhance capacities for quality maternal and child health services HSS, in collaboration with ongoing interprogrammatic work with the Family Health, Health Promotion and Life Course Program (FPL) and the special initiative on maternal mortality reduction, supported a training to provide high quality care to women and newborns. The objective was to enhance capacity that will reduce maternal and newborn morbidity and mortality and ensure universal healthcare coverage for mothers and children in the North-East department. The population in the North-East of Haiti is among the poorest. Output: enhanced capacity at the PHC level in the North-East for quality maternal and neonatal health services Completed


Product/Service Deliverables Status
Training and tools for Health Committees involvement Health Committees activity calendar Ongoing
Adapt tool and design training program for a community based surveillance system in the Grand Nord that include Maternal and neonatal health and High Impact Communicable Disease A tool for the community based surveillance piloted at the First Level of Care for validation Ongoing
Support community based initiatives Community driven action plan available for adolescent health for selected communities In the Nord Est Ongoing
Conduct assessment on conditions/infratructure for maternal health services at prioritized facility Budgetted proposal for improving conditions for maternal health at selected facilities in the Grand Nord Ongoing
Training for the implementation of the National Strategy for the Maternal Death Surveillance and Response with involvement of health staff (departemental, institutional) and community representatives At least 2 review committees in the Nord and Nord Est departments are in place and functionnal Ongoing
Complet the rehabilitation of the housing for on-call physicians, midwives/on-call nurses in or around the health facility in Ouanaminthe Adequate housing available for on-call physicians, midwives/on-call nurses in the compound of Ouanaminthe the community hospital Ongoing
Participatory operational planning with initial the Nord dept. and the Nord-Est. Agreed local action plan with timeframe and budget (April -31 Dec 2020) by end of March Ongoing
Procurement of essential health products for prevention and control of CDs Availability of essential products for the prevention and control of CDs Ongoing
Continued participation of OPS/OMS in national committee/workshops on the PNPPS, including technical support to the process of prioritizing and costing of services, from the essential health service package, for payment exemption for certain vulnerable population groups conform the PNPPS Information sharing with key actors and communication on the health component of the PNPPS Ongoing
Continued education/workshops for the Family Health Team in selected communities emphasizing local priorities (filariasis, maternal and neonatal health) Training workshops held in local priorities (filariasis, Maternal and neonatal health) for family health teams in selected UAS Ongoing
Conduct assessment of blood transfusion services in the Nord and Nord Est Report with recommendation to strengthen blood transfusion services Ongoing
Conduct situation analysis of health financing in Haiti (functions, performances, institutional arrangements, practices, obstacles) Draft report health financing situation in Haiti by end of June Ongoing
Establish on the ground coordination and technical and logistic suppor Focal point in place with means for functioning by May 2020 Ongoing
Train lab technicians and medical staff at the first level of care in the Blood assurance quality program Training conducted Ongoing
Complete the development of a study design and operational plan to evaluate the expirements in Haiti of Conditional cash transfer programs in MH services. Study design for evaluation of the CCT programs in maternal and child health services to inform operational plan for a pilot to reduce Out of Pocket (OOP) at point of service. Ongoing
Organize a pilot in one commune in the Nord improve to improve the strategy of Mass Drug Administration (MDA) involving the Fist Level of Care, including the network of ASCPs (CHWs) for elemination of LF The implementation of the new MDA strategy for LF elimination to prepare for Ivermectin-DEC-Albendazole (IDA) therapy initiated in the Nord dept. Ongoing
Support the Voluntary Blood donor Promotion in the Nord and Nord Est Blood drives implemented in the Nord and Nord Est dept. Ongoing
Support the national committee and process on the UAS policy A draft Policy framework document for the UAS (DHS) by the end of June Ongoing
Conduct a situation analysis of lymphatic filariasis in one commune in the Nord (prevalence of the morbidity, health and social environment Report LF situation in the Nord Ongoing
Develop matrix for the M&E of the project M&E matrix in place based on local action plan Ongoing


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