Afghanistan is a landlocked, Central Asian country with a population of 35 million people and a life expectancy at birth of 59 years (male) and 62 years (female). Decades of war waged a heavy toll on the country’s healthcare system while substantially increasing the need for medical care. Though only 9% of the population had access to health services within a two-hour distance after the end of Taliban rule (2002), this figure had increased to 87% by 2014. Today, healthcare in Afghanistan continues to suffer from substantial gaps in infrastructure, from chronic insecurity that makes parts of the country inaccessible to health services, and from persistent corruption. The country has a large and unregulated private sector, and out-of-pocket accounts for 78% of current health expenditure (2015). The Ministry of Public Health’s National Health Strategy 2016-2020 sets a framework for the health sector to achieve economic and human resources self-reliance, in anticipation of a steep decline in development assistance received by Afghanistan over the coming years. You can access important country documents by clicking here.

Technical Areas


Product/Service Deliverables Status
Support to Afghan Medical Council – registration of physicians/dentists and developing a guideline for continuous medical education Guideine for continous medical education Completed
Analyze National Health Policies, Strategies and Plans to integrate emergency preparedness into country planning process Recommendations for emergency preparedness integration into national health policies and health benefit packages Completed
Support and facilitate updating of a national essential package of quality health services and mechanism for prioritization within the emergency context and putting systems in place to monitor its performance and coverage Updated essential package of quality health services and Completed
Strenthen national health security National Action Plan for Health Security Completed
TA to conduct a comprehensive review of health system and prepare a roadmap for moving towards UHC in emergency context UHC roadmap Completed
Conduct consultative meetings and workshops with donors and partners for developing UHC roadmap UHC roadmap Completed
Contribute to the work of Development Partners Forum and other high level strategic forums within the health sector to enhance coverage of health services and equity with focus in the areas where coverage is low Organize biomonthly meetings of HDPF. Contribute to the work of TAG. Contribute to the work of SHOC. Contribute to the work of Development Partners Forum and other high level strategic forums within the health sector to enhance coverage of health services and equity with focus in the areas where coverage is low. Completed
Facilitate the implementation of HRH strategy and support Medical Council Technical assistance for the development of HRH plan. Support in development of M&E tools. Technical assistance in capacity building to Continuous Medical Education of AMC. Support AMC in developing/implementing medical education standards. Support the public awareness activities of medical ethics department. Support to medical complaints management: establishment and technical affairs of complaints handling commission. Completed
TA for strengthening HIS, M&E and research Support the development of quarterly Health system reports. Support national surveys. Strengthening DHIS 2. Support the implementation of National M&E HIS strategic plan. Support the development of quarterly Health system reports. Support national surveys. Completed
TA for the implementation/revision of BPHS and EPHS in the context of Sehatmandi redesigning TA for performance management of contracted NGOs under Sehatmandi. TA for development/revision of Sehatmandi beyond June 2021 Completed
TA to review and analyze the Health Financing situation and advocacy for financial protection and development of Health Financing Strategy Support production of 5th NHA. Support implementation of health insurance feasibility study phase 2 recommendations. Complete comprehensive situation analysis of health financing in Afghanistan and develop a Policy Paper on Health Financing Options for Afghanistan. Completed
Consultation/dissemination of High Priority Package of Health Services for Afghanistan Consultation report/HPP of health services for Afghanistan Completed
Establish/activate toxicology department of Laboratories and train them on detecting toxins Functional toxicology unit in central public health lab Completed
Technical support for the revision of National Medicine Policy and Essential Medicine List Revised Afghanistan National Medicine Policy and Essential Medicine List Completed
Afghan Medical Council – registration of physicians/dentists and developing a guideline for continuous medical education Medical doctor registered, Guideline for CME Completed
Adapt guideline for the implementation of safe hospital initiative Guideline for safe hospital initiative Cancelled
Technical support for the implementation of National Action Plan for Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) through different interventions. 150 professional staff trained on rational use of antibiotics and AMR, and 100 community leaders and Imams oriented on hazardous of AMR. Completed
Develop integrated AMR surveillance guidelines and support its implementation Guideline for AMR surveillance Completed
Expand patient safety friendly hospital initiatives to 5 new hospitals. Patient Safety Critical standards are implemented in 5 new hospitals Completed
Revision of the health facilities IPC guidelines Guideline for health facility IPC Completed
Rollout training on hospital management to train up to 100 technical and managerial staff from the hospitals. 100 technical and managerial hospital staff trained on hospital management, HMIS, Quality and hospital financing areas Completed
Comprehensive in-depth situation analysis of the health financing system using progress matrices Assessment report Completed
Develop Biosafety and Biosecurity SoP & Guidelines for laboratories Guideline/SOP for Biosafety and Biosecurity in Lab Completed
Training of 15 key hospital staff on best hospital performance outside the country 15 hospital key staff trained on best performance mechanisms Completed
Assessment of health financing options in the context of Afghanistan Assessment report Completed
Conduct table top exercise on IHR NFP coordination to assess and strengthen reporting, preparedness and response to PHEICS Exercise report Cancelled
Providing technical support to the National Medicine and Health Products Regulatory Authority (NMHRA) to implement the WHO recommendations (IDPs) to reach from maturity level at least to maturity level 2. Developed guidelines and SOPs for registration, inspection, GMP and AEFI reporting and 100 staff trained on the above areas Completed
Develop a road map of health financing for UHC Investment case Completed
Conduct trainings for central and regional laboratory staff to detect pathogens and contaminants in food Training report Cancelled
Support external missions from HQ and EMRO on self-benchmarking and vaccine registrations. Two missions; one from HQ and one from EMRO visited Afghanistan to provide technical support for Self-benchmarking follow up and vaccine registration. Completed
Review of the national health policy and strategy Review report which will be used for the development of next health policy/strategy (including road map to UHC) Completed
Develop SOPs for the investigation and response to outbreaks of food-borne diseases and train involved personnel SOPs for detecting food-borne diseases Completed
Capacity building of Central Public Health Lab on Eliza and PCR to improve the diagnosis of infectious diseases 30 Lab staff trained on Eliza and PCR. Completed
Normative guidance, implementation support on WHO's Best Buys, WHO NCD packages Provide technical assistance for development of normative guidelines on NCDs. Provide technical assistance and support to implement WHO's Best Buys. Provide technical assistance and support on implementation and scaling up of WHO NCDs Package in targeted areas where NCDs burden is high. Cancelled


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