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Technical Areas


Product/Service Deliverables Status
Lebanon Support to national Health policies forum Health governance structure reviewed, HPSO development process documented, policy dialogue process guiding document with road map developed
Lebanon Conduct Health in Transition assessment HiTs assessment conducted and report available
Lebanon Mental health reform as part of the UHC services Staff from PHC centers, hospitals and midwives trained, rapid assessment of quality of mental health care services conducted, related IEC material produced, 3 sets of modular courses developed
Lebanon Organize regional wkp on UHC Regional wkp on UHC policy high level discussion organized in December 2018 in Beirut
Lebanon Operationalization of the Policy support Observatory Staffing and PSO plan of action completed
Lebanon Pilot a PCPC at PHC PCPC approach and referral piloted in 30 PHc and 10 hospitals; nurses training module developed; upgrading GP s capacity
Lebanon Support critical staffing at the MOPH Gaps in essential staffing for critical programs (PHC, EWARS, CRVS, AMR, CD, barcode program) filled; HR profiling at MOPH completed
Lebanon Generate evidence for policy development Assessment on users and providers at PHC; NGOs mapping in health
Lebanon Develop a national HIMS mater plan Feasibility for EMR conducted; master HIMS plan developed
Lebanon Review models of service delivery and financing packages of services costed updated
Lebanon Support Pharmaceutical sector development GMP audit road map Updated GMP guide available, 11 local manufacturers audited, and strategic road map elaborated
Lebanon Provide NCD medications NCD medications for 92,000 patients are made available at 420 PHCs; training on good prescription and medications management practices
Lebanon Expand the pharmaceuticals Barcode system Provide ITC equipment; support software development and training of health staff
Lebanon Expand the EWARS automation Provide ITC equipment; training of Health staff on DHIS2


Product/Service Deliverables Status
Lebanon IPC Support Implementation of national infection and prevention control plan Support the MOAg on advocating for regulations of antibiotics use in veterinary and agriculture fields.
Conduct advanced IPC education and training (five workshops) to healthcare workers at hospitals and PHCs.
Lebanon Upgrade CRVS Refresher training for Death notification system focal points, TOT Medical doctors on death certificate training and Expanded training on death certification
Expansion of automated CRVS at qada level (Noufous) level.
Piloting and expansion of automated CRVS system at MOI (software adaptation, procurement of ICT, data sharing)
Lebanon Operational readiness fostered through the development and operationalization of MoH PHEOC and its linkage with the EOC at PM office and WCO One Training on rapid risk assessment and on the 'WHO-CDC Training package for PHEOC.
Conduct 2 multisectoral drill/simulation for PHEOC.
Training on developed EOC guideline and table top exercise.
Capacity building
Conduct simulation exercises at least 2.
Develop and update country preparedness documents (recruit consultant).
Conduct refresher training for HAZMAT teams at least 4

Lebanon Health sector Strategy development Health Financing service packages population coverage quality of care The Health Sector Strategy will include Equity Gender Human Rights approaches Health sector Strategy development (Health Financing, service packages, population coverage, quality of care). The Health Sector Strategy will include Equity, Gender & Human Rights approaches.
Lebanon Support Implementation of national infection and prevention control plan Implement proficiency testing exercise for hospitals (proficiency testing training, national EQA) and training on GLASS
1 capacity building workshop at central level (Beirut) for veterinarians
Training workshops
AMR Awareness campaign for World Antibiotic Awareness Week (Implement activities as per WHO guidance for WAAW 2020-21)
Awareness and Advocacy activities.
Support MOPH to conduct activities with the Order of Pharmacists on policy level interventions related to dispensing of antibiotics in pharmacies.
5 capacity building workshops in different regions for farmers.
Support surveillance and research related to AMR (WHONET training)
Conduct capacity building workshops in collaboration with Ministry of Agriculture for veterinarians and farms on rational use of antibiotics.

Lebanon Institutionalization and automation of National Health Accounts NHA at health instirutions and government departments Recruitment of national expert.
Technical support: automation and report generation
Lebanon Research on environment health Environment degradation on Health - Support selected research in partnership with national academic and research centers to generate information/ investment case.
Pathogenic and antimicrobial resistance - conduct research on pathogenic and antimicrobial resistance in environmental sources
Lebanon Develop a roadmap for Lebanon linked with national 2030 vision with CCA and UNDAF in line with GPW13 Data generation to inform policy development related to vision 2030 (EU MADAD Components).
Meetings with stakeholders (SDG committees and thematic groups) based on SDG and SDG3+ and PHCMI.
Recruit 1-2 interns at WCO to support ongoing programmes related to SP1.
Recruitment of national consultant for health strategy development.
Dissemination results Health in transition assessment.
Training on accreditation standards.
Technical support mission

Lebanon Support to the pharmaceutical sector including medicines and health products ensured and enforced Pharmacovigilance center reinforcement.
Develop/procure software to activate the NPC.
Procurement of equipment and software.
Technical support missions.
Update GMP guidelines.
Technical and logistical support for barcode system development and automation of pricing system.
Technical support mission for traceability program.
Support to Health Technology Assessment (HTA). Training on HTA
Training/international meetings.
Recruit national experts
Update the national PV guidelines and develop SOPS.
Central drug warehouse upgrade (software development and procurement of hardware, rehabilitation works, training of staff).
Training end users on the automated system.
National consensus meeting on HTA plan implementation.