Technical Areas


Product/Service Deliverables Status
Capacity building/training on quality of Care Selected MoH staff trained in the area of quality of care improvement Completed
Policy dialogue and consensus building on health financing reform Policy dialogue events to capture options, review their pros and cons, and build consensus to scale up coverage for UHC Completed
Capacity building on health systems financing Selected MoH staff trained in the area of health systems financing for UHC Completed
2nd International Conference on PHC/ Towards UHC&SDGs, Astana, Kazakhstan, 25- 26 October 2018 Participation to the conference on PHC Completed
Development of overarching HSS strategy aiming UHC; coordination among partners like WB and ADB. National working group Completed
International expert who will work with national working group Expert who work with group toward HSS strategy Completed
Policy dialogue on overarching HSS strategy aiming UHC National Conference with participation of all national stakeholders Completed
HRH Follow-up mission To assist in elaboration of strategic vision on education of medical personnel Completed
HRH Policy dialogue National round table discussion on education of national personnel with participation international experts Completed


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