Technical Areas


Product/Service Deliverables Status
Rapid assessment of the provision of noncommunicable disease services during the Covid-19 pandemic Report Completed
Support and strongly encouraged primary care physicians working in public & private sectors in Iraq to register for this new online course which aims to improve the quality of primary health care practice in the context of COVID-19 and also supported translating the training material to Arabic Language Online training material translated into Arabic Completed
Support implementation of a study to assess the role and engagement of the private health sector (PHS) in emergency care systems (ECS) in the EMR, including in the current COVID-19 response Report Completed
A study to assess and explore the potential role of private health sector in response to COVID-19. Assessment Report Completed


Product/Service Deliverables Status
Support MoH with establishment of a transparent and accountable administration and institutions, aligned with the MoH Strategy. Provide technical support to design and accept the institutional arrangement. Expert and stakeholders consultations to assess the current institutional arrangements, functionality, performance. Conduct rapid assessment for governance mapping in Iraq Ongoing
Support identifying and addressing community health problems to ensures that health programs and services offered by primary care and public health are responsive to local community needs National and subnational capacity building for key staffs including physicians, nurses and other allied health workers to address the social determinants of health and support implementation of the strategy. Develop and implement training programme to strengthen senior key partners staff capacity and facilitate planning and development of health programs and services (for both Primary Care and Public Health), develop strategies. Design study/survey /implement to generate data for planning, decision making and M&E. Provide technical support to assess if inequalities are stagnant, worsening or improving across the life-course, addressing total inequality and inequities among social, economic and demographic groups. Consultancy contract to assess the the situation and develop policy or programme intervention. Ongoing
Provide technical support to define and adopt a basic health services package across the levels of care Provide technical support and build capacity building on EHS package prioritization and costing Ongoing
Provide technical assistant to ensure equitable, integrated people-centred service delivery systems in place with family health approaches at PHCs Advocate and support the implementation of the Astana Declaration in Iraq through the regional Primary Health Care Measurement and Improvement (PHCMI) Initiative. Iraq developed its first PHC master indicator list and the measurement of PHC is under implementation now, expected to be completed by 31st March 2021. Followed by development, implementation, and monitoring of PHC improvement plan. Other key activities in this area included scaling up implementation of the online family medicine bridging progrmmme for General Practitioners targeting 1000 GPs in the first 5 years (2018-2023), up to date more than 100 GPs graduated from the programme. In academic year 2020, the programme has been expanded to accept larger number of GPs to achieve the goal, accordingly umber of universities offering the programme increasing from 10 to 14 universities. At the same time, provide technical support to the implementation of health accreditation programme assessment recommendations in 4 piloted PHCs in Baghdad with aim to use accreditation tool as mean to improve overall quality of primary health care in Iraq. Supported the translation of the English document from PHC- entitled “FAMILY PRACTICE IN THE EASTERNMEDITERRANEAN REGION-UNIVERSAL Ongoing
Support the development of national health care financing strategies towards UHC Support establishment of necessary governance arrangements and build capacities to ensure implementation of strategic reforms. Support conducting situation analysis to diagnose health system performance in terms of UHC; identify problems and their underlying causes. Provide technical support to build consensus and agreement among stakehilders on overall goals and vision for the health sector, based on UHC. Provide technical support to identify strategic reforms, policies and actions required to meet country-specific objectives. Support developing country-specific objectives which address identified performance problems, and steer the health system towards UHC, and build capacity of national health financing team. Facilitate exchange of knowledge and experience between policy-makers and financial managers on health financing reform. Ongoing
Support the health budget dialogue for UHC, covering issues of fiscal sustainability and public financial management Provide technical support and recruit expert. Set effective policy dialog involving legislative bodies (Parliamentarians) as well as non-government partners such as the associations of health professionals, patient groups, and other civil society organizations. Facilitate consultative meetings and capacity building. RMA ( Risk Mitigation Activity) advocate and organize regular briefings for donor and diplomatic community in Iraq and for the government relevant officials on Recovery and Resilience Programme (RRP). Ongoing
Strengthen capacities for health workforce governance and regulation Conduct in depth study to describe and analyze health workforce situation, the labour and education markets in Iraq. The findings and report will provide basis for the planned mission on health workforce situation and labour market analysis. The final report will stimulate discussion on the future of health workforce policies and strategic planning in the country. - Developed a dynamic electronic dashboard to improve evidence based decision for human resources management Ongoing
Support developing a comprehensive plan of action for GPW13 and SDGs monitoring road map Support the development of Iraq’s Health Information System (HIS) draft national action plan 2020-2024, including key priority areas that are critical to enhance the national HIS in Iraq to monitor progress toward SDGs achievement. Advocate for national development and implementation of e-health strategy in Iraq. In addition to providing technical guidance and supporting development and implementation of DHIS2. A proposal for implementation of DHIS2 finalized and submitted to Iraqi MOH, a biweekly muti-stakeholders activated to coordinate efforts, assign roles and responsibilities, and set up timeline table for implementation. Ongoing

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