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Standard Operating Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures

Procedures set out in the standard operating procedures (SOPs) are followed by the IMD-PQS Secretariat, the IMD-PQS Working Group and by all technical specialists commissioned by the Secretariat. They are a useful source of information for manufacturers seeking prequalification of an immunization product since they describe and illustrate with examples the steps of a procedure, making it transparent for all stakeholders. They also indicate key responsibilities among those implementing the procedures.


SOP 008 How to re-evaluate a WHO IMD-PQS-accredited test laboratory

SOP 009 How to evaluate applications for product prequalification

SOP 010 How to re-evaluate an IMD-PQS prequalified product

SOP 011 How to remove a prequalified product from the IMD-PQS database

SOP 012 How to field test an IMD-PQS product

SOP 013 How to obtain feedback on the performance of an IMD-PQS product

SOP 14 How to audit a laboratory for IMD-PQS accreditation