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Prequalified Lists

Prequalified Lists

Medicines/finished pharmaceutical products

This list contains finished pharmaceutical products used to treat HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and other diseases, and for reproductive health, that have been assessed by WHO and found to be acceptable, in principle, for procurement by UN agencies.

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Active pharmaceutical ingredients

This list contains sources of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) that have been assessed by WHO and found to be acceptable, in principle, for use in finished pharmaceutical products procured by United Nations agencies.

Most of the APIs listed are those for which ― at the time of assessment ― submitted data and information submitted were evaluated and found by PQTm to meet WHO norms and standards and for which ― at the time of inspection ― the manufacturing site(s) were found to comply with WHO Good Manufacturing Practices. A small number of APIs have been listed on the basis of assessment and inspection carried out by stringent regulatory authorities who are willing to share information with WHO.

Disclaimer: Inclusion in the list of prequalified APIs does not constitute a WHO endorsement or warranty of fitness of purpose of the API for use in a particular finished pharmaceutical product (FPP), or of the safety or efficacy of the resultant FPP for treatment or health care. It remains the ultimate responsibility of the FPP manufacturer to ensure that the API, as accepted in principle, is suitable for the manufacture of the specific FPP.

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Medicines quality control laboratories

This list contains quality control laboratories that have been assessed, inspected, and found to comply with standards recommended by WHO. Only laboratories meeting these standards are included in the list.

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