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Colombia , Dominica , Ethiopia , Georgia , India , Iran (Islamic Republic of) , Lao People's Democratic Republic , Somalia
16 February 2021
Colombia, Dominica, Ethiopia, Georgia, India, Iran, Lao PDR, Somalia


  • Colombia responds to COVID-19 with an intercultural health model

  • Dominica’s community health workers lead the fight against COVID-19

  • Ethiopia prepared its health workforce for the COVID-19 response

  • Georgia’s experience during COVID-19 informs its long-term primary health care approach

  • India – From governance to community surveillance: Assam’s 360 degree COVID-19 response

  • Islamic Republic of Iran tackles COVID-19 by enhancing primary health care

  • Lao PDR’s confident health workforce strengthens health system and COVID-19 response

  • Somalia – Health for all is answer to COVID-19 and future threats to health