WOAH PVS Pathway

Last updated on 06 Jul 2023
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PVS Evaluation only
PVS Evaluation and Follow-up
PVS Evaluation and Gap Analysis
PVS Evaluation, Gap Analysis and Follow-up
Mission Activity  
Region Country Type of mission Year Report
54328 Asia Cambodia PVS Laboratory mission 2022
54327 Middle-East United Arab Emirates PVS Laboratory mission 2022
54326 Asia Indonesia Aquatic PVS Evaluation 2022
54325 Africa Côte d'Ivoire 2nd PVS Evaluation Follow-Up 2022
52727 Africa Cameroon 2nd PVS Evaluation Follow-Up 2022
52726 Europe Azerbaijan 2nd PVS Evaluation Follow-Up 2022
52725 Africa Kenya PVS Gap Update 2022
52724 Africa Sierra Leone PVS Laboratory mission 2022
52723 Africa Mali PVS Legislation mission 2022
52722 Asia Pakistan PVS Legislation mission 2022

The World Organisation for Animal Health (founded as OIE)'s mission is to improve animal health and welfare worldwide. Indeed, animals and animal health systems play a vital role in food security, nutrition, as well as the economic and social wellbeing of humanity. Securing animal health is key to preventing zoonotic diseases and emerging infectious diseases affecting humans, 75% of which are of animal origin. Recognising this, WOAH has developed international standards on both the quality of Veterinary Services’ provision, as well as technical animal health and veterinary public health management. Two Chapters (3.1 and 3.2) of the WOAH Terrestrial Animal Health Code are dedicated to the Quality of Veterinary Services.

Based on these principles and standards, WOAH has developed the PVS Pathway, the WOAH’s flagship capacity building platform for the sustainable improvement of national Veterinary Services. The PVS Pathway empowers national Veterinary Services by providing them with a comprehensive understanding of their strengths and weaknesses using a globally consistent methodology providing a useful external perspective that can reveal inefficiencies and opportunities for innovation. This enables countries to take ownership and prioritise improvements to their animal health system.

The different steps of the PVS Pathway cycle are summarised in the diagram below. Of particular interest are the IHR/PVS National Bridging Workshops (under Targeted support), a joint WHO/WOAH activity, which allows countries to improve collaboration between their Public Health and Animal Health sectors.

PVS Diagram

For additional information regarding the PVS Pathway, including questions relative to accessing PVS Pathway mission reports not publicly available on this website, please contact the Capacity Building Department.