JEE Roster of Experts

The roster of experts was established to ensure effective support to the WHO Member States and the Regional Offices in the implementation of the Joint External Evaluations (JEE). This roster comprises technical experts with a wide range of expertise and professional experience required for effective evaluation of countries preparedness capacities for public health emergencies. Areas of expertise covered in the roster include the 19 IHR capacities that countries need to establish and sustain to be able to detect, prevent and respond effectively to public health emergencies. A filter is provided to facilitate the identification of experts for missions by a range of parameters, including area of experts, language, region of origin, gender and previous missions the expert has undertaken.


Total JEE Roster of Experts


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Experienced mission
Region of Interest
Main areas of expertise
Relevant Training

  • Abdou Salla

  • Mr. Abdoul Aziz Gbaya

    Immunization Specialist


    (English - French)

  • Dr. Abdoulaye Bousso

    Director of Senegal HEOC

    (Ministry of Health)

    (English - French)

  • Abigail Shefer

    Immunization Systems Branch, Global Immunization Division

    (US CDC)


  • Abiodun Ogunniyi

  • Abiy Girmay Haddis

  • Abraham Haile Kidane


    (Ethiopian Public Health Institute)


  • Mr. Abyot Woyessa

    Head of Public Health Emergency Early Warning and Response

    (Ethiopian Public Health Institute)


  • Adam Roth

  • Adam Khadra

  • Dr. Adama Diallo

  • Adedeji Adebayo

  • Adel Ramlawi


  • Adeline Kabeja

  • Adisu Kebede

    (Ethiopian Public Health Institute)


  • Adisu Kebede

    Director,National Laboratories Capacity Building

    (Ethiopian Public Health Institute)


  • Adrienne Rashford

    Technical Officer



  • Ahmed El Mamy

  • Ahmed Al Hakawi

  • Dr. Ahmed Saad

    FAO-Deputy ECTAD Team Leader-Egypt

    (Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO))

    (English - Arabic)