Norway - Mozambique - Building

University of Tromsø and NORAD
Recipient country: 
Collaboration Type: 
Collaboration: programme and/or partners: 
NORAD University of Dkwa Zulu Natal, University of Malawi and Public Health Institute of Malawi and Instituto Superior de Ciencias de Saude (ISCISA), Mozambique
Collaboration Description: 
"Building capacity within higher education and research to meet the challenges of antimicrobial resistance and effective treatment of communicable diseases. 1.Strengthened higher education institutions in Malawi and Mozambique. 2.Strengthened health systems in Malawi and Mozambique. 3.Enhanced research capacity/competency. 4.Human capital development"
Expertise Offered: 
Data Management/IT
Microbiological Expertise
Laboratory Quality Management
Antibiotic use, Stewardship, Clinical Guideline Development
Infection Prevention
Environmental Health
Veterinary Health/Zoonoses
One Health Approach