The second Africa Health Forum - Achieving Universal Health Coverage and Health Security in Africa: The Africa we want to see

Praia, Cabo
26 - 28 March 2019

Representatives of countries attending WHO’s 2nd African Health Forum, which was held in Cape Verde on 26-28 March, participated in a match-making session with partners to identify needs and joint priorities for strengthening preparedness capacities. The IHR Monitoring and Evaluation Framework components were used to support the identification of needs and gaps. 

On the third day of the event, the Strategic Partnership for Health Security provided a platform to exchange on value added opportunities for technical assistance and multisectoral collaboration between public health institutions for emergency preparedness in Africa. 

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The Government of Cabo Verde and the World Health Organization Regional Office for Africa will jointly host The Second WHO AfrIca Health Forum under the theme:  

Achieving Universal Health Coverage and Health Security in Africa: The Africa we want to see.

The Forum is a unique opportunity to strengthen collaboration between WHO and its stakeholders on Africa’s health agenda.

Strategic partnerships, effective engagement and coordinated joint action will ultimately result in effectively addressing the urgent and ever changing health needs of people living on the African continent. The WHO Africa Health Forum Organizing team would like to take this opportunity to call on Partners and Member States to please inform us via email on on their progress made regarding the Call-to-Action from The First WHO Africa Health Forum.

PARTICIPANTS: WHO and the Government of Cabo Verde, African governments, UN and intergovernmental agencies; Private sector, academic Institutions, civil society organizations, philanthropic foundations and youth organizations


The links to the Call-to Action are provided below in English, French and Portuguese:


If you need further general assistance, please send an email to with cc

If you need further assistance specicifally on Health Security Forum, please send an email to



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