2019 nCoV Exercise Package

To support countries’ preparedness effort on theCovid-19  outbreak, WHO`s Department of Health Security and Preparedness has developed a generic Covid-19  tabletop exercise package.

The exercise aims to examine and strengthen existing plans, procedures and capabilities to manage an imported case of 2019-nCov and targets the health authorities at the national level.

Using a progressive scenario together with a series of scripted questions for discussion, the simulation exercise will enable participants to consider the impact of an outbreak on their health system, plans, procedures and capacities.  It will help them to identify areas for improvement using the “WHO Operational Readiness Benchmarks for 2019-nCoV” and prepare an action plan for improving their readiness.

The simulation package consists of different elements including:

  1. A participants’ guide and a facilitators’ guide explain what is expected from the different people involved in the preparation and running of the exercise.  
  2. A PowerPoint presentation to support the facilitation of the exercise and its subsequent debriefing
  3. A set of reference documents and technical guidance on 2019-nCov

The package highlights clearly where some minor adaptions are needed to make the simulation country-specific and more relevant to the participants. 

If you need technical support to implement this exercise, please contact your WHO country office or regional office focal point.

To download the package, click here under SimEx Manual and Documents.