National Bridging Workshop

Last updated on 23 Nov 2023
In Pipeline
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Region Country Date Status Reports
Eastern Mediterranean Region Lebanon 18-Sep-2023 to 20-Sep-2023 Completed
African Region Central African Republic 21-Jun-2023 to 23-Jun-2023 Completed
South-East Asia Region Thailand 26-Mar-2014 to 27-Mar-2014 Completed
African Region Democratic Republic Of The Congo In Pipeline
African Region Burkina Faso In Pipeline
African Region Cabo Verde In Pipeline
Western Pacific Region Viet Nam In Pipeline
South-East Asia Region Nepal In Pipeline
Region of the Americas Guyana In Pipeline
Western Pacific Region Lao People's Democratic Republic 09-Aug-2023 to 11-Aug-2023 Completed

National Bridging Workshops (abbreviated NBW) are three-day events facilitated by WHO and OIE bringing together 50-to-80 participants from public health and from animal health services. The objective is to analyse and improve the collaboration between the two sectors in the prevention, detection and response to zoonotic diseases and other health events at the animal-human interface (food safety, food security, antimicrobial resistance).

NBW Completion 
Zoonotic Disease chosen in 49 NBW 
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