Exercise JADE 2018

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European Region


Exercise JADE is a large regional (EURO) functional exercise designed to test core functions of the IHR National Focal Points (NFP’s) as well as their relationship with the Regional Office, particularly the Duty Officers (DO’s) and risk communication coordinators.   The exercise was held over one week between the 13th and 15th of November.   Participants included 27 national focal points and their support teams and the exercise was conducted in English and Russian speaking countries.

The exercise focused on four key  elements:

  1. Contact, communications and coordination between the regional office (EURO) and the national IHR NFP’s
  2. Communications, particularly emergency risk communications
  3. Access to essential tools (EIS, risk management)
  4. Critical assessment of function during a public health emergency


Participation was very high.   During exercise JADE over 648 emails messages were exchanged by NFPs and WHO IHR Regional Contact Point