Canada - PAHO - Development

Public Health Agency of Canada
Recipient country: 
Region of the Americas
Collaboration Type: 
Collaboration: programme and/or partners: 
PAHO Some past workshops also supported by US NARMS
Collaboration Description: 
Development and delivery of workshops in conjunction with and supporting PAHO on integrated surveillance of AMR (that is surveillance of AMR in enteric and zoonotic bacteria transferred between animals and humans from a public health perspective, and surveillance of AMU in animals and humans) - past focus on Latin America; current focus through Canada - PAHO 2016-2017 Biennial Workplan (BWP) on the Caribbean. Some workshop include planning and subsequent work on country pilot projects (link with AGISAR). (individual projects short term)
Expertise Offered: 
Microbiological Expertise
Veterinary Health/Zoonoses
One Health Approach
National Action Plan/Policy