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• World Health Day 2018: Health For All

• EXTENDED - Innovation@Home: A Contest and Call for Age-friendly Housing Practices that Work

• MENTOR-AFEa mentorship programme to strengthen leadership in age-friendly environments

World Health Day 2018: Health For All

Each year on 7 April, World Health Day highlights a critical topic in health. This year’s World Health Day focuses on universal health coverage. Universal health coverage (UHC) is about ensuring all people can get quality health services, where and when they need them, without suffering financial hardship. “Universal” in UHC means “for all”, without discrimination, leaving no one behind.

Cities and communities are key to making progress on UHC. At present, in the cities and communities that are Members of the WHO Global Network for Age-friendly Cities and Communities, just over 4 million of the 29 million people aged 60 years and over are in poor health. Nearly 3 million of these people are also poor*. Everyone everywhere has a right to benefit from health services they need without falling into poverty when using them.

Everyone in cities and communities can play a part in the path to UHC. UHC for older adults requires the transformation of health and social systems from a focus only on disease towards the provision of the integrated and person-centred care that is known to have the greatest impact on functional ability in older age. Universal coverage for health is an ambitious goal, but a critical investment if people are going to age well in their cities or communities.

Steps you can take include:

• Spread the word about the goals of universal health coverage and participate in the conversation this 7 April. 

• Engage in structured conversations with a broad range of your community members who are both affected by and essential to ensuring universal health coverage. 

• If you have not done so already, capture the needs, opinions and expectations on UHC-related matters (for example through face-to-face dialogue, surveys, or a referendum) to improve your responses. 

• Collaborate with local organisations and champions for universal health coverage to explore locally relevant and feasible universal health coverage solutions.

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Spread the word:

• Health for All: Animated graphic 

• Diversity in Ageing: Animated graphic

• Integrated Care: Animated graphic

• Video on Integrated Care

• Video on UHC

*Data source: World Value Survey datasets (2010 and 2014). 

EXTENDED - Innovation@Home: A Contest and Call for Age-friendly

Housing Practices that Work

We are pleased to announce that the deadline for Innovation@Home entries has been extended to Tuesday 15 May 2018. Innovation@Home is a competition and a call for age-friendly housing practices that can inspire action around the world by showing what can be done and how it can be done. This initiative is a collaboration of the WHO Global Network for Age-Friendly Cities and Communities, and Grantmakers In Aging.

Innovation@Home is seeking examples of housing initiatives that foster healthy and active ageing. Age-friendly housing enables older people’s basic needs to be met so that they can continue to learn and grow, stay mobile, build and maintain relationships, and contribute to their community. By entering this competition, you will also help to increase the number and diversity of housing-related practices available on the Age-friendly World website, an important resource for cities and communities around the world.  

Winners will receive free travel to the October 2018 International Technical Meeting on Ageing at Home in Quebec, Canada, where they will receive a formal award. Winning programmes will also be publicized broadly through GIA and WHO networks and publications. Entries are due by 15 May 2018.

For more information, visit the Innovation@Home webpage


Building leaders for the next decade of age-friendly cities and communities

Last month we announced the launch of the Age-friendly Environments Mentorship Programme, MENTOR-AFE. This is an exciting new leadership development opportunity, to build skills that are important for successful age-friendly environments. MENTOR-AFE provides:

• emerging and established leaders of age-friendly community change an opportunity to develop their skills with the support of a mentor

• existing experts an opportunity to share their knowledge and experience to develop mentees’ skills to lead, influence and implement age-friendly environments and, in doing so, reinforcing their own leadership and expertise.  

Applications for both mentees and mentors are now open, and close 30 May 2018.

Click here for further information on the programme and how to apply.


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