Adding life to years
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About Us

What is an age-friendly world?

A world in which you would want to grow older.

Age-friendly environments foster healthy and active ageing. They enable older people to: age safely in a place that is right for them; be free from poverty; continue to develop personally; and to contribute to their communities while retaining autonomy, health and dignity. Because older people know best what they need, they are at the centre of any effort to create a more age-friendly world.

Cities and communities are increasing where older people are living. The physical and social environments in our cities and communities are powerful influences on the experience of ageing and the opportunities that ageing affords. Cities and communities around the world are already taking steps towards becoming more age-friendly. An age-friendly world is possible and will be built by all of us - community by community, city by city, and region by region. 

This website aims to support a global community that works together towards this vision of an age-friendly world. Age-friendly World creates a place for people and organizations all over the world to share what they know and learn from others.

Age-friendly World is co-produced with members and Affiliates of the Global Network for Age-friendly Cities and Communities.