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What is an age-friendly world?

It is a place that enables people of all ages to actively participate in community activities. It is a place that treats everyone with respect, regardless of their age. It is a place that makes it easy to stay connected to those around you and those you love. It is a place that helps people stay healthy and active even at the oldest ages. And it is a place that helps those who can no longer look after themselves to live with dignity and enjoyment. Many cities and communities are already taking active steps towards becoming more age-friendly. You will find more information about these in our section on the WHO Global Network of Age-friendly Cities and Communities. However, many barriers persist. Some of these are physical, for example, poorly designed buildings or lack of transportation that prevents older people accessing the places they want to visit. But many barriers result simply from the way we think about ageing and the way we view and treat older people.



The Global Network of Age-friendly Cities and Communities is coordinated by the Department of Ageing and Life Course at WHO Headquarters, in collaboration with the six WHO Regional Offices and country offices in WHO Member States.

Age-friendly World lives through the active contributions of all members and affiliated programmes of the Global Network. We would like to acknowledge in particular the important contribution of the International Federation on Ageing to the development of this website. The development of this website would not have been possible without the generous support of Atlantic Philanthropies.

Our joint mission is to support the creation of a more age-friendly world: a global ambition with a focus on local action by hundreds of cities and communities around the world.

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