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Membership to the Global Network

Cities and communities in the Network are of different sizes and are located in different parts of the world. Their efforts to become more age-friendly take place within very diverse cultural and socio-economic contexts. What all members of the Network have in common is the desire and commitment to create physical and social environments that promote healthy and active ageing and a good quality of life for their older residents. They share their learnings with others and thus contribute their local experience to a global response to population ageing.

Membership Terms of Reference

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Who can join?

Any local or sub-national level of government, in WHO Member States, that is committed to becoming more age-friendly and has the decision-making power to do so is welcome to join. Network membership does not currently extend to Countries. Age-friendly programmes or networks at regional or national level might consider joining the Network as an Affiliate.

Criteria for membership

Cities or communities are not required to have achieved age-friendliness at the time of joining the Network. However, they must commit to working towards it. Cities and communities can join the Network with the commitment by the political leadership to engage in this process and they are welcome to remain in the Network for as long as they stay engaged and share their experience with fellow members.

Membership of the Global Network indicates that a city or community has embarked on the process to become more age-friendly and is not recognition by the WHO of their age-friendly status.

Advantages of membership

Membership allows:

     ● Access to information sharing with a global community;
     ● Support from a global network of affiliates, practitioners, researchers, experts and advocates committed to fostering age-friendly environments;
     ● Recognition and visibility in the Network`s activities and WHO’s dedicated website - Age-friendly World - on which Members can present their activities, achievements and link back to their own website and resources;
     ● Opportunities for collaboration such as international research projects, joint publications, networking and sharing amongst each other, etc.

What does it cost to participate?

There is no membership fee but participation in the Network requires a commitment to invest time and resources in developing age-friendly environments, and to share learnings and achievements with fellow Network members.

Would you like to join the Network?

If you would like to find out more about Membership, please read the Terms of Reference for Members. You can join by submitting your application below. For further information please contact us.