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IFA/WHO Webinar Series

The IFA/WHO Webinar Series features experts from around the world exploring a number of critical and emerging topics on Healthy Ageing. These webinars are regularly scheduled, and are announced through our Network Calendar as well as through our newsletter.

All attendees are welcome – older adults, local, regional and national government policymakers, NGOs, clinicians, urban planners, and all those with an interest in building age-friendly environments.

28 February 2017: Age-friendly Environments

Webinar 2

No recording available - slides, handouts, questions, and other resources available at:

25 April 2017: WHO Core Indicators of Age-friendliness



12 July 2017: Making communities work for the most vulnerable

8 August 2017: Improving experiences for older people through a network of technology and innovation

28 November 2017: Rural and Remote Age-friendly Environments

7 February 2018: Engaging Planners as Livable Communities Allies

28 February 2018: Social Inclusion and the Design of Age-friendly Spaces

23 May 2018: Age-friendly Europe: Good practices & next steps

30 October 2018: Ending Ageism - towards a world for all ages

8 February 2019: Age-friendly Housing - Promoting healthy spaces for all ages

3 May 2019: An Introduction: The Decade of Healthy Ageing