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Submit Your Age-Friendly Practice

Thank you for contributing an age-friendly practice to the Global Database of Age-friendly Practices.

We are looking for concrete measures that you have put in place in your community, city, region or country to share with other communities, cities and regions.

What are age-friendly practices?

For the purpose of this database, concrete measures include any concrete action aimed at enabling Healthy Ageing, i.e. the process of developing and maintaining the functional ability that enables well-being in older age.

Practices that are age-friendly help to foster functional ability both by removing barriers and developing policies, systems, products and services that:

  • promote health and build and maintain physical and mental capacity across the life course; and
  • enable people experiencing capacity loss to continue to do the things they value.

Practices typically help build older peoples abilities to:

  • meet their basic needs;
  • learn, grow and make decisions;
  • be mobile;
  • build and maintain relationships; and
  • contribute.

In doing so, age-friendly practices recognize there is great diversity in the capacity and circumstances of older adults, anticipate and respond to older adults’ needs and preferences in an equitable way, respect older people’s decisions and choices, and protect the most vulnerable.

Please share specific details of the individual measures, rather than providing a broad overview. For example, instead of writing about all the improvements made to enhance older people’s mobility, focus on one initiative per submission, such as extending the time for pedestrian signals at traffic junctions or improving seating in public places.

Thank you for sharing your experience!

Further instructions are provided in this step-by-step guide (English; French). Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.

Submission Form

If you are a member of the WHO's Global Network for Age-friendly Cities and Communities, please log in. You can also submit an application to the WHO Global Network for Age-friendly Cities and Communities here.

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Please enter your city or community name here.

Please include a short title to describe the age-friendly practice (60 characters max)

Please describe the age-friendly practice in 200 to 300 words. The description should provide details on the goal and design of the age-friendly practice, the partners involved in planning and implementing it, the impact it has had on beneficiaries (if known) and the lessons learnt along the way.

We may use the uploaded photo to illustrate your age-friendly practice on our Age-friendly World website and other information materials. By uploading a photo, you agree to our use of the photo. Image size must be at least 1000 pixels or larger in height and width. File size is limited to 10MB.

Please provide the photo's photographer or producing organization's name.

Which level of government have you implemented the age-friendly practice?

Please specify what level of Government you implemented the age-friendly practice.

Please indicate the total population covered by your age-friendly initiative.


What percentage of people over the age of 60 are covered by your activity?

If you have a website with more information on your age-friendly practice, please provide the website address.

Indicate the year the age-friendly practice started

Select as many sectors as relevant.

Which of the following “abilities” best describes the desired outcome of the age-friendly practice?

Understanding that many age-friendly practices are collaborative, who is primarily responsible for the age-friendly practice? Please select the single most appropriate option.

How did older people participate in the age-friendly practice? Please select the most appropriate option.

Have you received any feedback on your age-friendly practice from your target group? Both positive and negative feedback are useful learning points.

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We may feature your age-friendly practice on the Age-friendly World website to promote the adoption of age-friendly practices globally. Any quotes, photos, videos, factsheets, etc. will be useful in helping us share your story better. Uploading these documents grants us the permission to use them for communications purposes. We may reproduce these items on our Age-friendly World website and other WHO information products.

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