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Procurement Agencies

Procurement Agencies

Prioritization list which reflects the demand in Member States, the needs of global immunization programmes and the need to ensure supply security. UN agencies that procure WHO-prequalified vaccines play a major role in ensuring, in particular, that millions of the most vulnerable children are protected against serious diseases through vaccination, and that child deaths are prevented.

The benefits of procuring WHO-prequalified vaccines

WHO-prequalified vaccines offer procurers many benefits, including:

  • assurance that vaccines meet:
    • WHO standards of quality, safety and efficacy under conditions of use in national immunization programmes
    • operational specifications for packaging and presentation required by UN organizations
  • greater ability to meet the evolving priorities and needs of national immunization programmes because vaccines are prequalified according to:
    • Member States' strategic immunization priortities
    • programme operation needs
    • and taking into account security of supply
  • access to comprehensive and up-to-date information about complaints or issues related to prequalified vaccines.

Prequalification outputs of value to procurement agencies

  • WHO List  of Prequalified Vaccines ― the complete listing of currently prequalified vaccines, including applicant details, pharmaceutical form and NRA responsible for oversight
  • Guidance Documents ― current vaccine standards and other general guidance and UN agency operational specifications on preparation, packaging and shipment
  • Market Information ― information and links to WHO partners' market analyses to support commercial decision-making about vaccine product manufacture and development
  • Key Contacts ― the key persons who can be contacted regarding different aspects of vaccines prequalification or collaborative registration or technical assistance.