What We Do

WHO Prequalification Unit, Vector Control Product Assessment Team (PQT/VCP) assesses vector control products (VCPs) and public health pesticide active ingredients to determine that they can be used safely and effectively, and are manufactured to a high-quality standard. This is done by assessing product dossiers, inspecting manufacturing sites and supporting quality-control testing of products.

WHO also assesses changes related to the quality, safety and/or efficacy of prequalified products or their design, labelling or manufacture.

Products that meet prequalification requirements are added to the WHO List of VCPs.

WHO may provide guidance to interested UN agencies and WHO Member States in their procurement decisions, and contributes to building the assessment capacity of Member State National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) by

  • training assessors from Member States through the actual WHO assessments;
  • harmonizing quality and regulatory systems; and
  • supporting collaborative registration.