Local engagement

The WHO Kobe Centre (WKC) was established in 1995 with strong financial and material support and collaboration from the Kobe Group through a decision of the World Health Organization Executive Board. The Kobe Group includes Hyogo Prefecture, Kobe City, the Kobe Chamber of Commerce and Kobe Steel. Given that it functions as a department of WHO Headquarters but was also established as a result of strong local support, the WKC has both a global and a local mandate. The focus of WKC local engagement is three-fold.

What is our focus?

  • To communicate and disseminate information about WKC’s research activities in the local community.

To strengthen communication and dissemination of WKC research findings and results, the WKC organizes three WKC fora every year in close cooperation with the Kobe Group. We also conduct lectures about WHO and WKC work in primary and secondary schools in the Kansai region, and universities. Contact us to request a presentation!

  • To share lessons learned across countries and encourage global collaboration as countries strive to attain their commitments under the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Lessons learned from the Kansai community are integrated into our research efforts. As a result, we have established collaborative research programme with Kansai-based research institutions as an integral part of our research programme. We also strive to link this research with the global community through participation in global technical committees.

  • To contribute to the community in Kobe and Hyogo prefecture for awareness-raising and health advocacy.

As part of our contributions to Kobe and Hyogo prefecture in the health field, the WKC staff participate in many technical committees ranging from emergencies to infectious and non-communicable diseases. We also translate the WHO disease outbreak reports (DONs) for dissemination.


Why is this important?

The WKC staff strive to be a part of and contribute to a thriving healthy local community. 


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