One billion more people reached by universal health coverage


Countries have committed to this goal.  The WKC supports research in three areas to help countries overcome the challenges in meeting the UHC goal.



Services & Financing


The heart of the health system is how services are delivered to people in need.  Sustainable financing of these services can promote access, quality and efficiency.  Policy, system and technological innovations can solve specific problems to extend access, increase quality, and empower consumers. WKC will study country experiences in service delivery, sustainable financing and innovations to help reach one billion more people with UHC.






As populations age, global monitoring efforts for UHC will be refined to better reflect conditions that are more prevalent among older persons, as well as unmet need and financial protection.  WKC will study how countries have monitored access to UHC in the context of ageing populations.





Health Emergencies and Disaster Risk Management (Health EDRM)


The incidence and severity of natural disasters have increased.  WKC is a partner in the WHO Thematic Platform for H-EDRM Research Network, and accesses experts in Japan with extensive experience in prevention, preparedness, response and recovery. WKC will help identify the key data collection needs during emergencies to better inform effective responses.





WKC Research Plan 2016 - 2026

WKC research is guided by its research plan. The plan translates the WKC vision and strategy into three research themes to ensure that research will promote the goal of UHC – increasing access to health services of sufficient quality, without financial hardship.