Metrics are a way of quantifying something using a standardized method. Metrics are critical for assessing progress toward Universal Health Coverage (UHC) in a way that is comparable across place and time. WKC conducts research on metrics and related issues that can help strengthen UHC monitoring efforts, given the health system challenges of population ageing.

What is our focus?

WHO and the World Bank established a metrics framework to determine global progress towards UHC. Yet, this instrument may not fully capture UHC in the context of ageing populations, where health systems are adapting to the complex health needs of older persons. It is widely recognized that countries need to consider their own requirements for UHC monitoring and evaluation. WKC is working with researchers to support country efforts to develop national UHC monitoring frameworks that are appropriate to context.

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A wide range of metrics and measurement tools are available for producing data on service coverage, financial protection, and other related aspects of UHC. These data are essential to improve local and national policies. WKC is supporting research to develop, adapt or validate existing metrics and monitoring tools so that they can lead to improvements in the health system for older populations in different contexts. WKC is also working to improve the availability and accessibility of global data on UHC in ageing populations.

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Numerical data generated by metrics-based research can often be confusing or overwhelming for decision-makers. Knowledge translation can take many forms to ensure that findings from research and monitoring are reflected in policies and programmes at the national and local government level. WKC will document good practices and will support innovative approaches to knowledge translation.

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Why is this important?

“What gets measured gets done.” The choice of metrics for UHC monitoring will strongly influence whether countries will take appropriate action to extend access to services and financial protection to all, including to the growing population of older people.

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