Service delivery configurations focus on how health facilities, services, and resources are organized to respond to the needs of communities. How services are delivered and financed is important ensuring coverage, quality, financial protection and health outcomes for older adults.  


What is our focus?

The WKC conducts research about how services are organized, delivered and financed that can help countries to leapfrog progress in achieving better coverage and financial protection, particularly in light of population ageing.

In doing so, research needs to be carried out in such a way to identify the elements that are replicable to other settings and other countries.

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As populations age, policy-makers are increasingly concerned about health care expenditures and how health services can be paid for. The WKC conducts research about health expenditure growth and revenue generation in light of population ageing. We also study policy choices to improve efficiency and quality, including how prices are set for health services.

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Why is this important?

As countries strive to attain UHC, better evidence is needed to make informed policy options.


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