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Committed To Becoming More Age-Friendly

Dobong-gu  Republic of Korea
Print this page City population: 34192823.9 % over 60Joined Network in 2018

As a senior welfare service in Dobong – gu, we have been proceeding policies to improve the quality of life for seniors, including but not limited to improvement of the senior center, support for welfare facilities, community care for the elderly, consultation for an elder who lives alone, and so on. Dobong-gu has implemented the most innovative strategies to create the age-friendly city to achieve one of the goals of Dobong-gu, “transparently with participation, happily with welfare. Under the survey results for the development of the guideline for age – friendly cities / communities, we are planning the following major tasks for each of the eight areas :

• Outdoor spaces and buildings : Creating an age – friendly neighborhood, and Building a safe environment with the elderly moving path and accessibility ;
• Transportation : Building a safe transportation environment, Promotion of public transportation convenience, and Support for the vulnerable people of traffic ;
• Housing : Ensuring residential adequacy of seniors with disabilities, and Building a safe residential environment ;
• Social participation : Support social participation of elder who lives alone, Expanding opportunities for social involvement, and Expanding information access for the elderly ;
• Respect and social inclusion : Building an integrated environment based on intergenerational understanding ;
• Civic participation and employment : Creating jobs for elderly, Job counseling for the elderly, and Expanding participation opportunities for volunteer activities ;
• Communication and information : Providing customized information of elderly generation, and Support for monitoring of age-friendliness ; and
• Community and health services : Identification of medical blind spot and strengthening support system, Strengthening local / community care system, Expanding health care services for vulnerable groups, and Support for the family care system.

Strategy and Action Plan