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County Clare

County Clare

Committed To Becoming More Age-Friendly

County Clare  Ireland
Print this page City population: 11881720 % over 60Joined Network in 2017

Following a County-wide consultation process the first Clare Age Friendly Strategy was launched from 2013-2016. The Alliance Board, Implementation Team and Older People’s Council were all established with their own terms of reference.
The first Age Friendly Strategy delivered the following initiatives:-
• The Local Authority incorporated Age Friendly Planning principals into key documents and strategies such as County Development and Local Area Plans.
• The Local Authority has worked with Voluntary Housing Associations to provide sheltered housing developments for older people.
• The Clare Bus service fleet and schedule has improved and increased to more rural areas. Travel is free to holders of free travel passes over age 66.
• The Gardaí (Police force) have increased the number of Community alert and Neighbourhood Watch Programs as well as piloting a ‘Text alert’ scheme.
• The contribution of the county’s older musicians and artists has been celebrated.
• A Reminiscence Therapy project was piloted through the library service in conjunction with the Health Service, which was particularly beneficial among people with diminished memory of recent events.
• Clare Sports Partnership provided a ‘Go For Life’ sports programme for older people.
• The Health Service has adopted a Community Health Needs Assessment approach to identify and respond to older people’s needs.
• Basic IT skills training has been provided to socially excluded older people and carers.
• The library service has hosted; a Cinema club where old films were screened, various art & craft workshops; a story telling initiative where well-known local story-tellers shared their stories with school children.
There will be another County-wide consultation prior to the next Age Friendly Strategy looking at the following themes:-
• Creating an Age Friendly town. This template can then be replicated in other towns within the County.
• Creating an Age Friendly rural area. This template can then be replicated in other rural areas within the County.
• Establishing a Business of Ageing Forum with local businesses.

Strategy and Action Plan