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City of Suwon

City of Suwon

Committed To Becoming More Age-Friendly

City of Suwon  Republic of Korea
Print this page City population: 118462412.48 % over 60Joined Network in 2016

I have led City of Suwon’s drive for aged-friendly city in four different categories – urban planning, policy, programs, and service receiver, i.e., the aged people:

  1. The urban planning aspect considered residence, town shaping and transportation environment
  2. The policy aspect has been implementing specific policy projects in such units as the support of the social participation of the aged, the promotion of the residence and medical welfare of the aged, the promotion of domiciliary welfare of the aged, and the promotion of health of the aged.
  3. The program aspect has developed and implemented various programs for the aged such as welfare facilities, voluntary activities, events especially for the aged people, employment, leisure programs, lifelong education programs, etc.
  4. The service receiver aspect has prepared policies and has provided programs for three different age groups of 50-64 years old, 65-75 years old, and those older than 75.

Baseline assessment: Suwon-baseline-assessment

Action plan: Suwon-action-plan