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City of Bucheon

City of Bucheon

Committed To Becoming More Age-Friendly

City of Bucheon  Republic of Korea
Print this page City population: 85032917.3 % over 60Joined Network in 2018

We have developed long-term and sustainable policies in preparation for an aged society and set the goals for eight areas to build up the healthy and active urban environment for old people and the community to live long and experience a comfortable and safe environment.

● Voluntary activities and employment
– Creating voluntary activities and employment for older people
– Promoting the expansion of jobs for older people to secure lively later years, operating volunteer activities for different seasons of life

● Community supports and health
– Expanding sports facilities and leisure programs for older people
– Functional strengthening of “Longevity Health Room” which services as a health partner for community people, building a healthy city with well-being and well-dying, provision of high quality nursing services for happy later years, organizing public health facilities infrastructure for different health needs, and one-stop total management of dementia

● Social participation
– Developing an inclusive culture
– Operation of base silver center and programs, expansion of exercise facilities, building inclusive exercise facilities, improvement of public exercise facilities and increasing their use, operating age-friendly double crop life support centers, Community IN – Preparatory project for successful later years, “Baby boomers’ guide book to community debut”

● Social respect and inclusion
– Arranging social integration foundation for an active life for older people
– “Bucheon, A city of happy longevity and happy parents”, action plans to promote filial responsibilities where older people are happy and respected

● Information and communication
– Regenerating culture space including empty space of public facilities
– Safe city for older people with smart technology, information education for information-isolated people, age-friendly library services, monotoring unit for policies for older people

● Outdoor spaces and buildings
– Settling safe culture in life and making safe environment for citizens
– Improvement of walking environment to build “A Road to Walk,” improvement of park facilities to safely enjoy, management of public bathrooms, establishment of the basic plans for Bucheon 2035, organizing healing forest and extra greens in Wonmi mountain, installation of accessible facilities in city hall and administration centers, installation and management of public notices

● Transportation
– Making liveable urban foundation
– Provision of safe and convenient public transportation services, expansion of opportunities for social participation to secure the traffic of the traffically disabled, safety education to prevent bicycle accidents, securing parking spaces, expansion and management of citizen-centered traffic facilities, installation and renovations of bus stop rest areas, improvement project for the protected areas for the aged, “Best Drivers of Bucheon” – the project to encourage care for silver drivers

● Housing
– Making comfortable residential environments
– Organizing safe and pleasant housing environment