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Baseline Assessment and Action Plan of Namhae-gun

Namhae-gun has accomplished the first action plan for Age-friendly City.

Namhae-gun is promoting policies for senior citizens’ jobs and social participation.

Namhae-gun run programs that senior citizens can participate in for leisure activities, and provide services for the health care of them. 

It holds events to develop respect for the elderly and others. 

Namhae-gun is improving various facilities so that the elderly can use them without inconvenience. 

Namhae-gun is running the 3rd policy monitoring group, which is composed of 50% or more percent of the senior population in group members, to re-desinate the WHO Global Network of Age-friendly Cities and Communities.  By evaluating the policy for Age-friendly City, Namhae-gun accept diverse opinions from monitoring groups, and apply them to action plan. 

In order to measure the age-friendliness of general citizens and older people, Namhae-gun conducted a survey(experts Delphi) and IPA evaluation. 

In addition, 56 implementation tasks related to the three major goals and eight areas were established and implemented for the three-year (2020-2022) implementation plan for the age-friendly city, and the results were evaluated and supplemented when establishing the tasks in the following year.

Namhae-gun seeks to build a safe and healthy city for everyone by fostering invigorative age-friendly city. Since population aging is no longer a social problem, it is necessary to foster a place to create a pleasant and safe life, a vibrant and healthy old age, and a community of friendly participation and communication.

County Administration plans will be promoted with hopeful economy with change and opportunity, astonished ecotourism city, regional development to prepare for the future, warm living welfare with benefits, and empathetic administration that harmonious administration.


Namhae-gun baseline assessment

Namhae-gun Evaluation of the 1st Plan

Namhae-gun Action Plan