Write an SOP explaining the system used for the identification and management of equipment


Up to now many administrative measures were taken to create an equipment management system, such as the development of maintenance and Usage Log Sheets, Equipment Identification Page, Equipment Register, etc. The total procedure of creating and collecting these documents and records and archiving them in the Equipment Archive must be documented in an SOP. This enables you to easily perform all these tasks at once when a new piece of equipment is introduced in the laboratory.


Write an SOP in which the following details are specified:

  • Procedure for checking the piece of equipment upon arrival (acceptance testing to verify that the piece of equipment is capable of achieving the required performance standards needed for the examinations which it is used for).
  • Procedure of creating the equipment documents (Identification page, maintenance and Usage Log Sheets, Spare Parts Overview, SOP on maintenance and use of the piece of equipment).
  • Procedure of introducing the piece of equipment in the equipment management system (introduction into the Equipment Register, making somebody responsible for the piece of equipment and authorizing staff members for use).
  • Creating a maintenance schedule (this activity is included later in this phase).
  • Procedure for keeping the Spare Parts Overview up to date (every time a spare part is taken from the storage, the Spare Parts Overview table needs to be updated so that new spare parts can be ordered timely).
  • Archiving of all the equipment documents and records.

[TB] For additional information on equipment identification and management for TB laboratories, refer to the WHO Guidance for countries on the specifications for managing TB laboratory equipment and supplies. This manual provides all the information needed on the Purchasing and Inventory system and Equipment Management system of the TB laboratory.

How & who

Equipment Officer:

  1. Write the first draft of this SOP. The Maintenance Log Sheet developed earlier in this phase must be added as an appendix to this SOP. Follow the procedure described in the Master SOP for writing a Procedure SOP and use the Procedure SOP template attached to the Master SOP. Have it reviewed by a person who is responsible for a piece of equipment according to the SOP for Document Control.
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