WHO would like to acknowledge with thanks all those who contributed to the development and review of this tool, including:

Writers and developers

Mr Tjeerd Datema, Mr Peter Hessels, Dr Linda Oskam, and Dr Paul Klatser, all of the Royal Tropical Institute, The Netherlands.


  • Dr Ali Ahmed Yahaya, WHO Regional Office for Africa
  • Dr Jean-Marc Gabastou, WHO Regional Office for the Americas
  • Dr Hala Esmat Tolba and Dr Humayun Asghar, WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean
  • Dr Caroline Brown, WHO Regional Office for Europe
  • Dr Aparna Singh Shah, WHO Regional Office for South-East Asia
  • Dr Frank Konings, WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific
  • Dr Katrina Roper, Dr Sebastien Cognat, and Mr Jean Paul Gressard, WHO Headquarters, Lyon Office
  • Dr Charles Manyonge, National TB Reference Laboratory, Uganda
  • Dr Thomas Schinnick, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, United States of America
  • Dr Ala Qutishat, Al-Bashir Hospital, Jordan
  • Dr Folker Spitzenberger, Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH, Germany
  • Ms Chomchailai Sinthusarn, Bureau of Laboratory Quality Standards, Thailand, WHO Collaborating Centre for Strengthening Quality System in Health Laboratory
  • Mr Russell Cole, Pacific ParaMedical Training Centre, New Zealand, WHO Collaborating Centre for External Quality Assessment in Health Laboratory Services

Financial support for this publication was provided by the United States of America Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.