Start performing acceptance tests upon delivery of new supplies


It must be verified that products that affect the quality of service are complying with the specifications set for those products. This ensures the use of products of adequate quality for testing procedures, preventing negative test influences due to the use of products of sub-optimal quality.


In the right-hand column information on receipt and storage of supplies from the WHO Laboratory Quality Management System (LQMS) handbook.


Upon delivery of new goods and products the laboratory must perform an acceptance check to verify that the goods are in compliance with the desired specifications and requirements. It is convenient to use a standardized checklist for this procedure that also directs the process of updating the Stock Cards and the Inventory Control Register. Develop a list of criteria on which the new delivery must be checked and make a checklist that ensures that all these criteria are checked every time again.


Some criteria and directions that could be included in the checklist:

  • Is the packaging material undamaged?
  • Is the expiry date in compliance with the set specification?
  • Does packaging content comply with packaging letter?
  • Check compliance to standard specifications as formulated in the Inventory Control Register?
  • Update the Stock Card.
  • Update the Inventory Control Register.

How & who

Stock Officer:

  1. Make a list of criteria on which every new delivery must be checked.
  2. Make a checklist that ensures that the new delivery is checked on these criteria and that the Stock Card and Inventory Control Register are updated.
  3. Fill-out a checklist for every new delivery to ensure correct verification of compliance of each delivery to the pre-defined specifications and test requirements.
  4. Take a new folder and name this "Checklists New Deliveries" and store filled-out checklists in this folder.
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