Standardize the stock and ordering system in an SOP


In the previous two activities you have set up an inventory control system that automatically indicates when a new order must be placed. You update this system on a weekly basis and once per month you perform a stock balance. All these procedures need to be described in an SOP to ensure that they are always carried-out in the same, correct way (i.e. this procedure must be standardized).


Write an SOP covering the following procedures:

  • Maintaining the Stock:
    • Taking products from the stock
    • Updating the Inventory Control Register
    • Performing a stock balance
  • Ordering new supplies:
    • Selecting a product
    • Ordering a product
    • Performing an acceptance test on all deliveries
    • Labeling newly arrived supplies (see next activity)
    • Updating/making a new Stock Card
    • Adding a new reagent/consumable to the Inventory Control Register
    • Storing the new reagent/consumable


Attach to this SOP the following items as appendix:

  • The Stock Card template
  • The order form template
  • The acceptance test checklist template

How & who

Stock Officer:

  1. Design a Standard Order Form that has to be filled-out for every new order.
  2. Write the SOP for Inventory Control following the protocol on writing a Procedure SOP in the Master SOP and using the template for a Procedure SOP attached to the Master SOP.
  3. Review and authorize the SOP following the procedure in the SOP for Document Control.
  4. Indicate in the Read and Understand List which staff members need to read the SOP (those for whom this SOP is relevant).
  5. Present the SOP in a weekly staff meeting and explain that the automatic inventory control system is now in place. Explain that if a staff member wants to order a new item they have to come to you with a completed order form to ensure that the order is placed and added to the laboratory stock. Indicate also which staff members have to read the SOP and explain that they have to sign the Read and Understand List when they have read the SOP.
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