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Municipality of Esbjerg (Esbjerg Kommune)

Municipality of Esbjerg (Esbjerg Kommune)

Committed To Becoming More Age-Friendly

Municipality of Esbjerg (Esbjerg Kommune)  Denmark
Print this page City population: 11600026 % over 60Joined Network in 2018

In the municipality of Esbjerg, we are committed to improve the quality of life for all citizens and strive to provide the facilities, services and activities that support healthy ageing. We aim to integrate age-friendliness in the coming strategic vision for Esbjerg 2025 and in our other strategies and policies such as
– Senior policy
– Health policy
– Policy for caregivers and family
– Dementia Strategy
– Strategy for civic engagement and citizenship

Our age friendly activities address city and community development and focus on great places to grow up and grow old. We take action to create opportunities for seniors to stay independent for as long as possible and engage in social life and in the community — and, in some cases — to continue working.

A few examples:
– Senior Housing PLUS: We work across the municipal administrations to develop comprehensive plans for local areas where age friendliness is a basic element. Seniors in Esbjerg want to live in cross-generational neighborhoods with 24-hour access to professional health care. We want to facilitate “Senior Housing PLUS” which provide the facilities for seniors to stay healthy, active and independent for as long as possible.
– Housing for people with special needs: We are currently building a new care center for seniors centered in a local environment where disabled and citizens suffering from dementia can live a close to normal life next to families, students and other citizens in a car free area with the newest technology and best training facilities.
– Activities and inclusion: During the last five years, we have taken action to improve the quality of life and fight loneliness for seniors without family and social network. We provide possibilities for them to engage in activities with others in the same situation and to be included in the community.
– Rehabilitation and innovation: We work together with doctors, hospitals and NGOs in order to facilitate a safe and innovative rehabilitation for elderly with chronic diseases.

Our next goal is to develop an action plan for how we ensure that we are able to provide the facilities, services and activities in the future despite dealing with an increasing number of seniors, rising requirements and needs and differences in health. We especially want to take more action when it comes to:
– Housing and communities
How do we address a growing demand for housing that is accessible and well-connected to services throughout the community?
– Health and care for the elderly
Innovative process’ that help us deliver the best services despite growing demands and needs, demographical changes etc.
– Volunteering and employment
We want to see seniors as a resource and facilitate companies in being age-friendly
– Communication and citizenship
Why is the municipality of Esbjerg a great place to live and grow old in?
– Mobility and transportation
Actions towards accessibility and safe transportation for all ages

We believe that being a member in WHO’s Network for Age Friendly Cities and Communities is a long time investment for all citizens of the municipality of Esbjerg.

Baseline Assessment
Strategy and Action Plan