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Jeju Province

Jeju Province

Committed To Becoming More Age-Friendly

Jeju Province  Republic of Korea
Print this page City population: 64492419.6 % over 60Joined Network in 2017

The ratio of the local elderly people of over 65-year old has been increased continuously, surpassing 13.9% of the total population in December 2016. In particular, the ratio of the persons aged 85 or over among those aged 65 or over reached 10.2% stands at a higher level than any other cities and provinces throughout the country.
The elderly welfare policy of Jeju consists of 5 domains; elderly care service, preventive health care, support through pensions and insurances, and employment support for the elderly. There are two or three sub-domains in each part. Major policies include low-income elderly living support, elderly job offers, and revitalization programs. The longevity allowance is provided to the elderly aged 85 or over every month in accordance with the characteristics of Jeju, which is an island of longevity.
In addition to the basic welfare policies for the elderly, the government of Jeju has developed “Mid-term preparatory Plan for Aged Society: The 3rd Mid-Term Preparatory Plan for the Aged Society for the year of 2016-2020” following the Major Preparatory Plan for the Low-Birth Rate Aged Society of Korean Government. The main initiatives for the aged society is to develop Jeju as an age-friendly community for the benefit of local seniors by ensuring a healthy senior life through the guaranteed income and a chance for social participation and by establishing responsive infrastructures.
Jeju has been prepared for joining WHO GNAFCC and making Jeju as an age-friendly community. Jeju established the Basic Ordinance for the Elderly Welfare for the Implementation of an AFC in Jeju Special Self-Governing Province. With this ordinance, Jeju has developed numerous policies through various researches to create and endlessly maintain Age-Friendly Jeju.

Strategy and Action Plan