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Donostia San Sebastián

Donostia San Sebastián

Committed To Becoming More Age-Friendly

Donostia San Sebastián  Spain
Print this page City population: 18640021 % over 60Joined Network in 2010

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San Sebastian is developing a city strategy in which the quality of life of the elderly and the promotion of healthy aging are some of its differentiating factors.

Strategy supported by a vision summarized as “a city for all its citizens, where they may develop their potential and enjoy a high quality of life“.

This vision is well shown in local policy and in the provision of local services related to accessibility, mobility, housing, culture and active leisure, in social services and medical care; but, furthermore, this strategy goes far beyond, as demonstrated in the development of business and innovation and research linked to aging in all its aspects.

The city became a member of the WHO Global Network of Age-friendly Cities in 2010.

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The Office of Strategy together with Social Services and Participation departments undertook the leading role in this crosscutting project. The assessment study about the city friendliness with focus groups was made in 2009. The proposals made were analyzed by the city departments to be put into action.


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In 2012 the City started working to give new boost to the empowerment of the elderly through their active participation in the initiatives “by and for” the elderly, from the perspective of “done with”.

A Valuation Committee of 40 members has been formed with elderly people, elderly-related associations and agencies and representatives of municipal departments.

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Throughout 2013 a new process of contrast, analysis and endorsement has been carried out with the Valuation Committee, taking the prior documents and proposals as starting basis and including a large open meeting (with more than a hundred people taking part).

All this process has made up the Age-friendly DSS City Plan, with an “action plan” of 8 areas, 26 operational objectives, 22 lines of intervention, 44 actions and 134 measures and activities which will be implemented in several stages.

Donostia San Sebastian Age Friendly City Plan: Donostia San Sebastian Age Friendly City

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