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City of Fremantle

City of Fremantle

Committed To Becoming More Age-Friendly

City of Fremantle  Australia
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This application is the City of Fremantle’s story of driving an age- friendly city plan as a living process across all business units. It is how the City has sown the seeds so that all employees think about and deliver opportunities for health, participation and security as people age. It endorses how the City adapts its structures and services to be accessible and inclusive of older individuals. It aims to foster a quality of life and community connectedness in a way that meets a wide-range of individuals with varying needs and capabilities.

The Age Friendly City Project embarked on a locally driven and ‘bottom-up’ approach. It started with listening to the lived experiences of older people regarding what is, and what is not age-friendly and what could be done to empower individuals as they age to live independently and vibrantly in their community.

To develop the Age Friendly City Plan (AFCP) the City undertook a consultation process that started in late September 2010. Funding from the Department of Local Government and Communities assisted with the engagement of an independent consultant. The City facilitated a series of focus group discussions and produced a comprehensive online survey. The focus group discussions included community members over the age of 55 years and aged care service providers to look at the City’s age-friendly features, age-friendly barriers and suggestions for improvement. The discussions focused around the World Health Organisation (WHO) eight topic areas. The aim of the consultation was to provide information to develop an age-friendly action plan across all business units at the City of Fremantle. In general, people said that they loved living in the Fremantle region and considered the City to be vibrant, diverse, inclusive, friendly and with wonderful physical assets. Many of the participants had lived in the Fremantle area for a number of years and most people said that they didn’t want to live anywhere else. Following the consultation report an across organisational steering committee was established which identified projects and policies as well as developing a comprehensive action plan across the eight domains.

The AFCP 2011 – 2014 was adopted on 13 July 2011 and was an action of the City of Fremantle’s Strategic Plan 2010-2015. The plan guides the work of the community development officer – positive ageing and other relevant City officers across the organisation.

In July 2014 a full report on all actions was competed and it indicated that all major outcomes were achieved. The report was presented to elected members and endorsed at the August 2014 council meeting. (This report is available on the City’s website). As changes were anticipated with local government reform it was recommended an interim plan for the financial year 2014 – 2015 be adopted. This interim plan was also endorsed at the August 2014 council meeting with the vision to build upon the achievements for the next financial year. The council is presently formulating the City’s 2015 and beyond Strategic plan.

While the new Strategic plan is developing the City continues to promote social participation and volunteering opportunities and facilitate communication opportunities through senior’s expos and events. The plan will also support the One Stop Shop – a drop in community space for seniors in the heart of the town centre.

The City also continues to provide a range of low cost and free services and activities within Fremantle. Services and activities are specifically designed for the over 55s community include ‘Dial a Ride’ (low cost bus trips for Home and Community Care assessed eligible seniors), Come and Try programs and Positive Ageing forums, social dancing and in-home library services. The City has also concentrated on catering for seniors as part of its mainstream services to the community, notable at the Leisure Centre, Library, The Meeting Place and the Fremantle Arts Centre.

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