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Central and Western District

Central and Western District

Committed To Becoming More Age-Friendly

Central and Western District  China
Print this page City population: 24860015.1 % over 60Joined Network in 2018

Summarizing from baseline assessment report:
– Two main groups advocating for the concept of age-friendly city in the district: Central and Western District Community Concern Group; Central and Western District Age-friendly Work Group.
– Both groups have been actively working in the community since 2007 and 2008 respectively, and they include more than 10 NGOs in the district; their objectives are to work with other community organizations and regularly communicate with District Council for the rights and benefits of the retired and old population.
– District council and District Office have been working with various government departments and community organizations, and demonstrated active engagement and good efforts in supporting or promoting age-friendliness of the District.
– Older people from the district were invited to participate in various activities, talks, conferences, and training courses, so that to empower the older adults by increasing their capability and awareness, and ultimately to encourage them to voice out their opinions, and create community impact and increase the community’s age-friendliness.
– Apart from the elderly, we also value input from the professional and the academia. The participants and assessors’ evaluation of age-friendliness are well set out in the baseline assessment report. The report conducted by the University of Hong Kong and funded by the Hong Kong Jockey Club highlighted the following:
 i. High level of age-friendliness
 ii. Social participation and sense of belonging is strong in the district
 iii. Keen support and care from fellow members of the community, where almost 50% of the respondents have served as volunteers at elderly centers and more than 80% have used services provided by elderly centers
– Adding to government welfare spending which covers infrastructure, medical and social services, there have been continued efforts by the District Council to build a age-friendly city. Annually, around HK$800,000 of District Council funding is allocated solely on district activities and programmes focusing on the elderly.